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Jun-2003Biomimetic processing of nanocrystallite bioactive apatite coating on titaniumMa, J.; Wong, H.; Kong, L.B. ; Peng, K.W.
1-Aug-1998Characterization of titanium silicide by Raman spectroscopy for submicron IC processingLim, E.H.; Karunasiri, G. ; Chua, S.J. ; Shen, Z.X. ; Wong, H.; Pey, K.L.; Lee, K.H.; Chan, L.
1997Effect of argon or nitrogen pre-amorphized implant on SALICIDE formation for deep sub-micron CMOS technologyHo, C.S.; Pey, K.L.; Wong, H.; Karunasirf, R.P.G. ; Chua, S.J. ; Lee, K.H.; Tang, Y.; Wong, S.M.; Chan, L.H.
1-Sep-2011Improving the conductivity of diamond-like carbon films with zinc doping and its material propertiesWong, H.; Foong, Y.M.; Chua, D.H.C. 
27-Feb-1998Integration of SALICIDE process for deep-submicron CMOS technology: Effect of nitrogen/argon-amorphized implant on SALICIDE formationHo, C.S.; Pey, K.L.; Wong, H.; Karunasiri, R.P.G. ; Chua, S.J. ; Lee, K.H.; Chan, L.H.
May-1998Monitoring of TiSi 2 formation on narrow polycrystalline silicon lines using raman spectroscopyLim, E.H.; Karunasiri, G. ; Chua, S.J. ; Wong, H.; Pey, K.L.; Lee, K.H.
2003The Proline-Rich Acidic Protein Is Epigenetically Regulated and Inhibits Growth of Cancer Cell LinesZhang, J.; Wong, H.; Ramanan, S. ; Hooi, S.C. ; Cheong, D.; Leong, A. ; Hooi, S.C. 
1999Thermal studies on stress-induced void-like defects in epitaxial-CoSi 2 formationHo, C.S.; Pey, K.L. ; Tung, C.H.; Tee, K.C.; Prasad, K.; Saigal, D.; Tan, J.J.L.; Wong, H.; Lee, K.H.; Osipowicz, T. ; Chua, S.J. ; Karunasiri, R.P.G.