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29-Nov-20022-Pyrazinylnitrene and 4-pyrimidylnitrene. Ring expansion to 1,3,5-triazacyclohepta-1,2,4,6-tetraene and ring opening to (2-isocyanovinyl) carbodiimideAddicott, C.; Wong, M.W. ; Wentrup, C.
5-May-2000Acylthioketene-thioacylketene-thiet-2-one rearrangementsAmmann, J.R.; Flammang, R.; Wong, M.W. ; Wentrup, C.
Sep-1999Alkoxy isothiocyanates, RO-N=C=SBech, A.T.; Flammang, R.; Pedersen, C.Th.; Wong, M.W. ; Wentrup, C.
Mar-1998Carboxy(vinyl)ketene intermediates in the thermolysis of methylthio- and methoxy-substituted Meldrum's acid derivativesBibas, H.; Kappe, C.O.; Wong, M.W. ; Wentrup, C.
2007Carboxyketenes, methyleneketenes, vinylketenes, oxetanediones, ynols, and ylidic ketenes from Meldrum's acid derivativesGeorge, L.; Wong, M.W. ; Wentrup, C.
14-Sep-2001Characterization of C2S4 ·+ isomers by mass spectrometry and ab initio molecular orbital calculationsGerbauxa, P.; Flammanga, R.; Wentrup, C.; Wong, M.W. 
Aug-1999Formation and characterization of methoxy isothiocyanate (CH3ON=C=S) and methyl cyanate N-sulfide (CH3OC≡N+-S-) as radical cations and neutrals in the gas phaseFlammang, R.; Gerbaux, P.; Barbieux-Flammang, M.; Pedersen, C.Th.; Bech, A.T.; Mørkved, E.H.; Wong, M.W. ; Wentrup, C.
9-May-2002From molecular complexes to zwitterions and final products. Reactions between C3O2 and aminesSessouma, B.; Couturier-Tamburelli, I.; Monnier, M.; Wong, M.W. ; Wentrup, C.; Pierre Aycard, J.
12-Feb-1998Generation of nitrile N-selenides, RC≡NSe, as neutrals and radical cations in the gas phaseGerbaux, P.; Flammang, R.; Mørkved, E.H.; Wong, M.W. ; Wentrup, C.
2000Mesoions and ketene valence isomers. Pyrrolo[1,2-a]pyridinylium olates and (2-pyridyl)carbonylketenesYe, X.; Andraos, J.; Bibas, H.; Wong, M.W. ; Wentrup, C.
1-Mar-2000Mono-, di-, and trinitrenes in the pyridine seriesChapyshev, S.V.; Kuhn, A.; Wong, M.W. ; Wentrup, C.
5-Nov-1998Nitrile N-selenide (RC=NSe) and isoselenocyanate (RN=C=Se) neutrals and radical cations by selenation of nitriles and isonitriles: Tandem mass spectrometry and ab initio studiesGerbaux, P.; Flammang, R.; Mørkved, E.H.; Wong, M.W. ; Wentrup, C.
Apr-2001Preparation and chemistry of an unexpectedly stable α-oxoketene-pyridine zwitterion, 2,2-bis(tert-butylcarbonyl)-1-[4-(dimethylamino)pyridinio]ethen-1-olateKollenz, G.; Holzer, S.; Kappe, C.O.; Dalvi, T.S.; Fabian, W.M.F.; Sterk, H.; Wong, M.W. ; Wentrup, C.