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2009Advertising effectiveness on social network sites: An investigation of tie strength, endorser expertise and product type on consumer purchase intentionWen, C.; Tan, B.C.Y. ; Chang, K.T-.T. 
1999An iterative learning controller with initial state learningChen, Y. ; Wen, C.; Gong, Z.; Sun, M.
1-Mar-1998Analysis of a High-Order Iterative Learning Control Algorithm for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems with State DelaysChen, Y. ; Gong, Z.; Wen, C.
2013Deflagration to detonation transition by hybrid obstacles in pulse detonation enginesLi, J.; Teo, C.J. ; Lim, K.S.; Wen, C.; Khoo, B.C. 
Dec-1993Effect of a flat inclusion on stress intensity factor of a semi-infinite crackWen, C.; Lam, K.Y. 
Oct-1993Enhancement/shielding effects of inclusion on arbitrarily located cracksLam, K.Y. ; Wen, C.
2005Generating an ω-Tile set for texture synthesisNg, T.-Y.; Wen, C.; Tan, T.-S. ; Zhang, X.; Kim, Y.J.
Feb-2009Generation of living color transgenic zebrafish to trace somatostatin-expressing cells and endocrine pancreas organizationLi, Z. ; Wen, C.; Peng, J.; Korzh, V. ; Gong, Z. 
Jan-2005Genome-wide identification of female-enriched genes in zebrafishWen, C.; Zhang, Z.; Ma, W.; Xu, M.; Wen, Z. ; Peng, J. 
1998High-order iterative learning identification of projectile's aerodynamic drag coefficient curve from radar measured velocity dataChen, Y. ; Wen, C.; Xu, J.-X. ; Sun, M.
Sep-2013Suicidal and help-seeking behavior in Xiamen, south ChinaWen, C.; Wang, W.-Q.; Ding, L.-J.; Feng, L. ; Wong, J.C.-M. ; Kua, E.-H.