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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2008A randomized controlled pilot study of Pentoxifylline in patients with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)Lee, Y.-M. ; Sutedja, D.S.; Wai, C.-T. ; Dan, Y.-Y. ; Aung, M.-O. ; Zhou, L. ; Cheng, C.-L.; Wee, A.; Lim, S.-G. 
1991A study of the xenogeneic response in an isolated liver perfusion circuit--preliminary observations.Lim, S.M. ; Heng, K.K. ; Chin, L.G.; Lim, N.K.; Li, S.Q. ; Seah, M.L.; Chong, S.M. ; Wee, A.; Rauff, A. 
1990An analysis of concordant xenograft rejection in the nude rat modelLim, S.M.L. ; Wee, A.; Chong, S.M. ; White, D.J.G.
2009An association between floor vacuuming and dust-mite and serum eosinophil cationic protein in young asthmaticsKoh, G.C.H. ; Tai, B.C. ; Wee, A.; Ng, V.; Koh, D. ; Shek, L.P. ; Kee, J.
1991An in vitro assessment of human fetal pancreatic islets of Langerhans in culture.Lim, S.M. ; Heng, K.K. ; Lim, N.K.; Seah, M.L.; Wee, A.; Li, S.Q. ; Soh, P.; Rauff, A. ; Vengadasalam, D.
Oct-1996Animal tissue-polypyrrole hybrid biomaterials: Shrinkage temperature evaluationKhor, E. ; Li, H.C.; Wee, A.
2011Automated scoring of liver fibrosis through combined features from different collagen groupsXu, S.; Tai, D.; Wee, A.; Welsch, R.; So, P.; Yu, H. ; Rajapakse, J.
1991Both concordant and discordant heart xenografts are rejected by athymic (nude) rats with the same tempo as in T cell competent animalsLim, S.M.L. ; Li, S.Q. ; Wee, A.; Chong, S.M. ; Hu, C.; Rauff, A. ; White, D.J.G.
1996Calcification mitigation on glutaraldehyde-fixed biological tissue by dimethylsulfoxideKhor, E. ; Wee, A.; Loke, W.K.; Tan, B.L.; Tee, C.F. 
1994Characterization of p53 gene mutations in colorectal carcinomas from an Asian populationShi, C.-Y.; Phang, T.-W.; Ngoi, S.-S.; Wee, A.; Li, B. ; Lin, Y.; Lee, H.-P. ; Ong, C.-N. 
2002Chitosan-alginate PEC membrane as a wound dressing: Assessment of incisional wound healingWang, L.; Khor, E. ; Wee, A.; Lim, L.Y. 
1987Clinical and ultrastructural studies in duodenal pseudomelanosisKang, J.Y. ; Wu, A.Y.T.; Chia, J.L.S.; Wee, A.; Sutherland, I.H.; Hori, R.
1995Codon 249 mutation of the p53 gene is a rare event in hepatocellular carcinomas from ethnic Chinese in SingaporeShi, C.Y. ; Phang, T.W.; Lin, Y.; Wee, A.; Li, B.; Lee, H.P.; Ong, C.N. 
Nov-1996Dimethyl sulfoxide as an anticalcification agent for glutaraldehyde-fixed biological tissueKhor, E. ; Wee, A.; Loke, W.K.; Tan, B.L.
1997Effect of cisapride on functional dyspepsia in patients with and without histological gastritis: A double-blind placebo-controlled trialYeoh, K.G.; Kang, J.Y.; Tay, H.H.; Gwee, K.A.; Tan, C.C. ; Wee, A.; Teh, M.; Choo, H.F.; Chintana-Wilde, W.
2009Fibro-C-Index: Comprehensive, morphology-based quantification of liver fibrosis using second harmonic generation and two-photon microscopyTai, D.C.S.; Tan, N.; Xu, S.; Kang, C.H.; Chia, S.M. ; Cheng, C.L.; Wee, A.; Wei, C.L.; Raja, A.M.; Xiao, G.; Chang, S.; Rajapakse, J.C.; So, P.T.C.; Tang, H.-H.; Chen, C.S.; Yu, H. 
1-Aug-2003Flexible chitin films as potential wound-dressing materials: Wound model studiesYusof, N.L.B.M.; Wee, A.; Lim, L.Y. ; Khor, E. 
Jan-1998Glutaraldehyde-fixed biological tissue calcification: Effectiveness of mitigation by dimethylsulphoxideKhor, E. ; Wee, A.; Feng, T.C. ; Goh, D.C.L.
1994Helicobacter pylori infection in children with recurrent abdominal painQuak, S.H. ; Wee, A.; Quah, T.C. ; Quek, S.C. ; Lam, S.K. 
1991Hepatocyte hepatitis B surface antigen expression in chronic hepatitis B virus carriers in Singapore: Correlation with viral replication and liver pathologyWee, A.; Yap, I. ; Guan, R.