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Sep-2013Antigenic and molecular characterization of avian influenza A(H9N2) viruses, BangladeshShanmuganatham, K.; Feeroz, M.M.; Jones-Engel, L.; Smith, G.J.D. ; Fourment, M. ; Walker, D.; McClenaghan, L.; Alam, S.M.R.; Hasan, M.K.; Seiler, P.; Franks, J.; Danner, A.; Barman, S.; McKenzie, P.; Krauss, S.; Webby, R.J.; Webster, R.G.
Jul-2010Establishment of an H6N2 influenza virus lineage in domestic ducks in southern ChinaHuang, K.; Bahl, J. ; Fan, X.H.; Vijaykrishna, D. ; Cheung, C.L.; Webby, R.J.; Webster, R.G.; Chen, H.; Smith, G.J.D. ; Peiris, J.S.M.; Guan, Y.
4-Jan-2011Feasibility of reconstructed ancestral H5N1 influenza viruses for cross-clade protective vaccine developmentDucatez, M.F.; Bahl, J. ; Griffin, Y.; Stigger-Rosser, E.; Franks, J.; Barman, S.; Vijaykrishna, D. ; Webb, A.; Guan, Y.; Webster, R.G.; Smith, G.J.D. ; Webby, R.J.
Aug-2013Influenza A Virus Migration and Persistence in North American Wild BirdsBahl, J. ; Krauss, S.; Kühnert, D.; Fourment, M. ; Raven, G.; Pryor, S.P.; Niles, L.J.; Danner, A.; Walker, D.; Mendenhall, I.H. ; Su, Y.C.F. ; Dugan, V.G.; Halpin, R.A.; Stockwell, T.B.; Webby, R.J.; Wentworth, D.E.; Drummond, A.J.; Smith, G.J.D. ; Webster, R.G.
26-May-2011Long-term evolution and transmission dynamics of swine influenza A virusVijaykrishna, D. ; Smith, G.J.D ; Pybus, O.G.; Zhu, H.; Bhatt, S.; Poon, L.L.M.; Riley, S.; Bahl, J. ; Ma, S.K.; Cheung, C.L.; Perera, R.A.P.M.; Chen, H.; Shortridge, K.F.; Webby, R.J.; Webster, R.G.; Guan, Y.; Peiris, J.S.M.