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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A role of Rab29 in the integrity of the trans-golgi network and retrograde trafficking of mannose-6-phosphate receptorWang S.; Ma Z.; Xu X.; Wang Z.; Sun L.; Zhou Y.; Lin X.; Hong Wan Jin ; Wang T.
2015Acoustic property reconstruction of a neonate Yangtze finless porpoise's (Neophocaena asiaeorientalis) head based on CT imagingWei C. ; Wang Z.; Song Z.; Wang K.; Wang D.; Au W.W.L.; Zhang Y.
2013An approach for identifying cytokines based on a novel ensemble classifierZou Q.; Wang Z.; Guan X.; Liu B. ; Wu Y.; Lin Z.
28-Dec-2017An uncommon association with sub-arachnoid hemorrhage in a young manWang Z.; Loh K.Y.; Liew Q.E.L.; Siew C.H.R.; Tan G.L.L. 
2015Axiomatizing multi-prize nested lottery contests: A complete and strict ranking perspectiveLu Jingfen ; Wang Z.
2007BMP-6 promotes E-cadherin expression through repressing δEF1 in breast cancer cellsYang S.; Du J.; Wang Z.; Yuan W.; Qiao Y.; Zhang M.; Zhang J. ; Gao S.; Yin J.; Sun B.; Zhu T.
2013Ceramide is involved in alcohol-induced neural proliferationWang Z.; Deng T.; Deng J.; Deng J.; Gao X.; Shi Y.; Liu B. ; Ma Z.; Jin H.
2018Directed Differentiation of Adult Liver Derived Mesenchymal Like Stem Cells into Functional HepatocytesLuo X.; Gupta K. ; Ananthanarayanan A.; Wang Z.; Xia L. ; Li A.; Sakban R.B. ; Liu S.; Yu H. 
2015Docetaxel-Loaded Nanoparticles of Dendritic Amphiphilic Block Copolymer H40-PLA- B -TPGS for Cancer TreatmentZeng X.; Tao W.; Wang Z.; Zhang X.; Zhu H.; Wu Y.; Gao Y.; Liu K.; Jiang Y.; Huang L.; Mei L.; Feng S.-S. 
2014Genome-wide linkage, exome sequencing and functional analyses identify ABCB6 as the pathogenic gene of dyschromatosis universalis hereditariaLiu H.; Li Y.; Hung K.K.H.; Wang N.; Wang C.; Chen X.; Sheng D.; Fu X.; See K.; Foo J.N.; Low H.; Liany H.; Irwan I.D.; Liu J.; Yang B.; Chen M.; Yu Y.; Yu G.; Niu G.; You J.; Zhou Y.; Ma S.; Wang T.; Yan X.; Goh B.K.; Common J.E.A.; Lane B.E. ; Sun Y.; Zhou G.; Lu X.; Wang Z.; Tian H.; Cao Y.; Chen S.; Liu Q.; Liu J.; Zhang F.
2015Haematuria in postrenal transplant patientsWang Z.; Vathsala A. ; Tiong H.Y. 
2016Intestinal Microbiota Distinguish Gout Patients from Healthy HumansGuo Z.; Zhang J.; Wang Z.; Ang K.Y.; Huang S.; Hou Q.; Su X.; Qiao J.; Zheng Y.; Wang L.; Koh E. ; Danliang H. ; Xu J.; Lee Y.K. ; Zhang H.
13-Jan-2020Low-loss and temperature-stable negative permittivity in La0.5Sr0.5MnO3 ceramicsWang Z.; Sun K.; Xie P.; Fan R.; Liu Y.; Gu Q. ; Wang J. 
2014Multiplex networks of cortical and hippocampal neurons revealed at different timescalesTimme N.; Ito S.; Myroshnychenko M.; Yeh F.-C. ; Hiolski E.; Hottowy P.; Beggs J.M.; Wang Z.
2015Nanoscale determination of the mass enhancement factor in the lightly doped bulk insulator lead selenideZeljkovic I.; Scipioni K.L.; Walkup D.; Okada Y.; Zhou W.; Sankar R.; Chang G.; Wang Y.J.; Lin H. ; Bansil A.; Chou F.; Wang Z.; Madhavan V.
2015Plasmon-induced optical anisotropy in hybrid graphene-metal nanoparticle systemsZhang J.L. ; Wang Z.; Zhong J.Q. ; Yuan K.D.; Shen Q. ; Xu L.L. ; Niu T.C.; Gu C.D.; Wright C.A.; Tadich A.; Qi D.; Li H.X.; Wu K.; Xu G.Q. ; Li Z.; Chen W. 
1-Dec-2017Quantitative 18F-fluorocholine positron emission tomography for prostate cancer: correlation between kinetic parameters and Gleason scoringSchaefferkoetter J.J.D.; Wang Z.; Stephenson M.C.; Roy S.; Conti M.; Eriksson L.; Townsend D.W.; Thamboo T.; Chiong E. 
2014Quantum-Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm for Continuous Space Optimization Based on Multiple Chains Encoding Method of Quantum BitsZhang R. ; Wang Z.; Zhang H.
2015Retromer Is Essential for Autophagy-Dependent Plant Infection by the Rice Blast FungusZheng W.; Zhou J.; He Y.; Xie Q.; Chen A.; Zheng H.; Shi L.; Zhao X.; Zhang C.; Huang Q.; Fang K.; Lu G.; Ebbole D.J.; Li G.; Naqvi N.I. ; Wang Z.
2013Small GTPase Rab40c Associates with Lipid Droplets and Modulates the Biogenesis of Lipid DropletsTan R.; Wang W.; Wang S.; Wang Z.; Sun L.; He W.; Fan R.; Zhou Y.; Xu X.; Hong Wan Jin ; Wang T.