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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A mass-conserved diffuse interface method and its application for incompressible multiphase flows with large density ratioWang Y.; Shu Chang ; Shao Jiangyan ; Niu X.D.
2016A novel robot system integrating biological and mechanical intelligence based on dissociated neural network-controlled closed-loop environmentLi Y. ; Sun R.; Wang Y.; Li H.; Zheng X.
2017A simplified circular function-based gas kinetic scheme for simulation of incompressible flowsLiming Yang ; Chang Shu ; Wenming Yang ; Wang Y.
2015Acylation of antioxidant of bamboo leaves with fatty acids by lipase and the acylated derivatives' efficiency in the inhibition of acrylamide formation in fried potato crispsMa X.; Wang E.; Lu Y. ; Wang Y.; Ou S.; Yan R.
2015Adhesion glycoprotein CD44 functions as an upstream regulator of a network connecting ERKYu S.; Cai X.; Wu C.; Wu L.; Wang Y.; Liu Y.; Yu Z.; Qin S.; Ma F.; Thiery J.P. ; Chen L.
2015An immersed boundary-lattice Boltzmann flux solver and its applications to fluid-structure interaction problemsWang Y.; Shu Chang ; Teo Chiang Juay ; Wu J.
2011An inhibitory effect of extracellular Ca 2+ on Ca 2+-dependent exocytosisXiong W.; Liu T.; Wang Y.; Chen X.; Sun L.; Guo N.; Zheng H.; Zheng L.; Ruat M.; Han W. ; Zhang C.X.; Zhou Z.
2013Anti-cadherin-17 antibody modulates beta-catenin signaling and tumorigenicity of hepatocellular carcinomaWang Y.; Shek F.H.; Wong K.F.; Liu L.X.; Zhang X.Q.; Yuan Y.; Khin E.; Hu M.-Y.; Wang J.H.; Poon R.T.P.; Hong W. ; Lee N.P.; Luk J.M.
2015Application of hierarchical dissociated neural network in closed-loop hybrid system integrating biological and mechanical intelligenceLi Y. ; Sun R.; Zhang B.; Wang Y.; Li H.
2015Atomic-layer-deposition alumina induced carbon on porous NixCo1-xO nanonets for enhanced pseudocapacitive and Li-ion storage performanceGuan C. ; Wang Y.; Zacharias M.; Wang J. ; Fan H.J.
1997Audio feature extraction and analysis for scene classificationLiu Z.; Huang J.; Wang Y.; Chen T. 
1998Audio Feature Extraction and Analysis for Scene Segmentation and ClassificationLiu Z.; Wang Y.; Chen T. 
2015CH4 parameter estimation in CLM4.5bgc using surrogate global optimizationMüller J.; Paudel R.; Shoemaker C.A. ; Woodbury J.; Wang Y.; Mahowald N.
2015Cross-cultural measurement equivalence of the 5-level EQ-5D (EQ-5D-5L) in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in SingaporeWang Y.; Tan N.-C.; Tay E.-G.; Thumboo J. ; Luo N. 
2016Cytochrome P4501A2 metabolizes 17?-estradiol to suppress hepatocellular carcinomaRen J.; Chen G.G.; Liu Y.; Su X.; Hu B.; Leung B.C.S.; Wang Y.; Ho R.L.K.; Yang S.; Lu G.; Lee C.G. ; Lai P.B.S.
2013Different Physical Activity Subtypes and Risk of Metabolic Syndrome in Middle-Aged and Older Chinese PeopleChen M.; He M.; Min X.; Pan A. ; Zhang X.; Yao P.; Li X.; Liu Y.; Yuan J.; Chen W.; Zhou L.; Fang W.; Liang Y.; Wang Y.; Miao X.; Lang M.; Zhang P.; Li D.; Guo H.; Yang H.; Hu F.B.; Wu T.
2018Direct visualization of current-induced spin accumulation in topological insulatorsLiu Y.; Besbas J. ; Wang Y.; He P. ; Chen M.; Zhu D. ; Wu Y. ; Lee J.M. ; Wang L.; Moon J.; Koirala N.; Oh S.; Yang H. 
2018Discovery of the consistently well-performed analysis chain for swath-ms based pharmacoproteomic quantificationFu J.; Tang J.; Wang Y.; Cui X.; Yang Q.; Hong J.; Li X.; Li S.; Chen Y. ; Xue W.; Zhu F.
2015Does water governance matter to water sector performance? Evidence from ten provinces in ChinaAraral E ; Wang Y.
22-Nov-2019Dual phases of crystalline and electronic structures in the nanocrystalline perovskite CsPbBr3Whitcher, T. J. ; Gomes, L. C. ; Zhao, D.; Bosman, M. ; Chi, X. ; Wang Y.; Carvalho, A. ; Hui, H. K.; Chang, Q.; Breese, M. B. H. ; Castro Neto A. H. ; Wee, A. T. S. ; Sun, H. D.; Chia, E. E. M.; Rusydi, A.