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2014A role of Rab29 in the integrity of the trans-golgi network and retrograde trafficking of mannose-6-phosphate receptorWang S.; Ma Z.; Xu X.; Wang Z.; Sun L.; Zhou Y.; Lin X.; Hong Wan Jin ; Wang T.
2018Effect of in-situ dehydration on activity and stability of Cu–Ni–K2O/diatomite as catalyst for direct synthesis of dimethyl carbonateHan D.; Chen Y.; Wang S.; Xiao M.; Lu Y. ; Meng Y.
2015Extended finite-time H∞ control for uncertain switched linear neutral systems with time-varying delaysWang S.; Shi T.; Zhang L.; Jasra A. ; Zeng M.
2015Low-frequency and rare exome chip variants associate with fasting glucose and type 2 diabetes susceptibilityWessel J.; Chu A.Y.; Willems S.M.; Wang S.; Yaghootkar H.; Brody J.A.; Dauriz M.; Hivert M.-F.; Raghavan S.; Lipovich L.; Hidalgo B.; Fox K.; Huffman J.E.; An P.; Lu Y.; Rasmussen-Torvik L.J.; Grarup N.; Ehm M.G.; Li L.; Baldridge A.S.; Stancakova A.; Abr
2015Lysophosphatidic acid inhibits apoptosis induced by cisplatin in cervical cancer cellsSui Y.; Yang Y.; Wang J.; Li Y.; Ma H.; Cai H.; Liu X.; Zhang Y.; Wang S.; Li Z.; Zhang X.; Wang J. ; Liu R.; Yan Y.; Xue C.; Shi X.; Tan L.; Ren J.
2015Multi-period liner ship fleet planning with dependent uncertain container shipment demandMeng Q. ; Wang T.; Wang S.
2016Relationship between Blood Pressure and Outcomes in Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients Administered Lytic Medication in the TIMSChina StudyWu W.; Huo X.; Zhao X.; Liao X.; Wang C.; Pan Y.; Wang Y.; Wang Y.; Wang C.; Liu L.; Bi Q.; Cui L.; Sun Y.; He M.; Fan D.; Zhang X.; Li Y.; Wang S.; Fan W.; Ren C.; Liu Z.; Sun X.; Chen X.; Bai Q.; Gu D.; Hu C.; Li X.; Dong Q.; Cheng Y.; Li B.; Li C.; Wang T.; Wang L.; Zhao K.; Tao D.; Qu F.; Zhang J.; Wang J.; Lian Y.; Gao Y.; Sun H.; Li J.; Li G.; Zhu Y.; Yang Z.; Zhou J.; Guo M.; Ma Q.; Gao X.; Huang R.; Xiao B. ; Chen K.; Gao L.; Xu A.; Shao M.; Xu E.; Pan X.; Cai Y.; Xu Y.; Ke K.; Kong Y.; Ding L.; Cao Y.; Liu Y.; Xu K.; Xing C.; Su S.; Zhang G.; Zheng R.; Zhai M.; Zhu Y.; Liu Y.; Zhang X.; Wu S.; Liu J.
2018Riverine carbon export in the arid to semiarid Wuding River catchment on the Chinese Loess PlateauRan L. ; Tian M.; Fang N.; Wang S.; Lu X. ; Yang X. ; Cho F.
2015Robust bunker management for liner shipping networksWang S.; Meng Q. 
2013Small GTPase Rab40c Associates with Lipid Droplets and Modulates the Biogenesis of Lipid DropletsTan R.; Wang W.; Wang S.; Wang Z.; Sun L.; He W.; Fan R.; Zhou Y.; Xu X.; Hong Wan Jin ; Wang T.