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2015A Decomposition-Based Two-Stage Optimization Algorithm for Single Machine Scheduling Problems with Deteriorating JobsLiu Y.; Zhang R. ; Wang M.; Zhu X.
15-Jul-2020Bioinspired Construction of Ruthenium-decorated Nitrogen-doped Graphene Aerogel as an Efficient Electrocatalyst for Hydrogen Evolution ReactionShi Y. ; Dai W.; Wang M.; Xing Y.; Xia X.; Chen W. 
2014Genome characteristics reveal the impact of lichenization on lichen-forming fungus Endocarpon pusillum Hedwig (Verrucariales, Ascomycota)Wang Y.-Y.; Liu B. ; Zhang X.-Y.; Zhou Q.-M.; Zhang T.; Li H.; Yu Y.-F.; Zhang X.-L.; Hao X.-Y.; Wang M.; Wang L.; Wei J.-C.
2014Health literacy, computer skills and quality of patient-physician communication in chinese patients with cataractLin X.; Wang M.; Zuo Y.; Li M.; Lin X.; Zhu S.; Zheng Y.; Yu M.; Lamoureux E.L. 
2013Interaction Domain of Glycoproteins gB and gH of Marek's Disease Virus and Identification of an Antiviral Peptide with Dual FunctionsChi X.-J.; Lu Y.-X. ; Zhao P.; Li C.-G.; Wang X.-J.; Wang M.
2010Metabolomic profiling of cellular responses to carvedilol enantiomers in vascular smooth muscle cellsWang M.; Bai J.; Chen W.N.; Ching C.B. 
2013Polymorphisms of Glucose-Regulated Protein 78 and Risk of Colorectal Cancer: A Case-Control Study in Southwest ChinaZhang D. ; Zhou B.; Li Y.; Wang M.; Wang C.; Zhou Z.; Sun X.
2014Validation of Catquest-9SF questionnaire in a Chinese cataract populationLin X.; Li M.; Wang M.; Zuo Y.; Zhu S.; Zheng Y.; Lin X.; Yu M.; Lamoureux E.L. 
2015Willingness to pay for cataract surgery provided by a senior surgeon in Urban Southern ChinaWang M.; Zuo Y.; Lin X.; Ling Y.; Lin X.; Li M.; Lamoureux E. ; Zheng Y.