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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201292-gene molecular profiling in identification of cancer origin: A retrospective study in Chinese population and performance within different subgroupsWu F.; Huang D.; Wang L.; Xu Q.; Liu F. ; Ye X.; Meng X.; Du X. 
2013Altered Modular Organization of Structural Cortical Networks in Children with AutismShi F.; Wang L.; Peng Z.; Wee C.-Y. ; Shen D.
2014Antiangiogenesis therapy of endometriosis using PAMAM as a gene vector in a noninvasive animal modelWang N.; Liu B. ; Liang L.; Wu Y.; Xie H.; Huang J.; Guo X.; Tan J.; Zhan X.; Liu Y.; Wang L.; Ke P.
2013Biosynthesis of UDP-GlcNAc, UndPP-GlcNAc and UDP-GlcNAcA Involves Three Easily Distinguished 4-Epimerase Enzymes, Gne, Gnu and GnaBCunneen M.M.; Liu B. ; Wang L.; Reeves P.R.
2018Direct visualization of current-induced spin accumulation in topological insulatorsLiu Y.; Besbas J. ; Wang Y.; He P. ; Chen M.; Zhu D. ; Wu Y. ; Lee J.M. ; Wang L.; Moon J.; Koirala N.; Oh S.; Yang H. 
2013Diversity in the Major Polysaccharide Antigen of Acinetobacter Baumannii Assessed by DNA Sequencing, and Development of a Molecular Serotyping SchemeHu D.; Liu B. ; Dijkshoorn L.; Wang L.; Reeves P.R.
2018Docetaxel enhances lysosomal function through TFEB activationZhang J.; Wang J. ; Wong Y.K.; Sun X.; Chen Y.; Wang L.; Yang L.; Lu L.; Shen H.; Huang D.
2013Enhanced Functional Connectivity between Putamen and Supplementary Motor Area in Parkinson's Disease PatientsYu R. ; Liu B.; Wang L.; Chen J.; Liu X.
2018Erratum to: Genetic markers for urine haptoglobin is associated with decline in renal function in type 2 diabetes in East Asians (Scientific Reports, (2018), 8, 1, (5109), 10.1038/s41598-018-23407-1)Gurung R.L.; Dorajoo R.; Liu S.; M Y.; Liu J.-J. ; Wang L.; Guo L.; Yu X.; Liu J.-J.; Lim S.C. 
2017Evaluation of the interaction between LRRK2 and PARK16 loci in determining risk of Parkinson's disease: analysis of a large multicenter studyWang L.; Heckman M.G.; Aasly J.O.; Annesi G.; Bozi M.; Chung S.J.; Clarke C.; Crosiers D.; Eckstein G.; Garraux G.; Hadjigeorgiou G.M.; Hattori N.; Jeon B.; Kim Y.J.; Kubo M.; Lesage S.; Lin J.J.; Lynch T.; Lichtner P.; Mellick G.D.; Mok V.; Morrison K.E.; Quattrone A.; Satake W.; Silburn P.A.; Stefanis L.; Stockton J.D.; Tan E.K. ; Toda T.; Brice A.; Van Broeckhoven C.; Uitti R.J.; Wirdefeldt K.; Wszolek Z.; Xiromerisiou G.; Maraganore D.M.; Gasser T.; Krüger R.; Farrer M.J.; Ross O.A.; Sharma M.
2016Facile synthesis of hierarchical porous Co3O4 nanoboxes as efficient cathode catalysts for Li-O2 batteriesZhang J. ; Lyu Z. ; Zhang F. ; Wang L.; Xiao P. ; Yuan K.; Lai M.; Chen W. 
2015Gd-metallofullerenol nanomaterial as non-toxic breast cancer stem cell-specific inhibitorLiu Y.; Chen C.; Qian P.; Lu X.; Sun B.; Zhang X.; Wang L.; Gao X.; Li H.; Chen Z.; Tang J.; Zhang W.; Dong J.; Bai R.; Lobie P.E. ; Wu Q.; Liu S.; Zhang H.; Zhao F.; Wicha M.S.; Zhu T.; Zhao Y.
2018Gene-diet interaction effects on BMI levels in the Singapore Chinese populationChang X. ; Dorajoo R. ; Sun Y. ; Han Y. ; Wang L.; Khor C.-C. ; Sim X. ; Tai E.-S. ; Liu J. ; Yuan J.-M; Koh W.-P. ; Van Dam R.M. ; Friedlander Y. ; Heng C.-K. 
2016Genetic analysis of CHCHD2 gene in Chinese Parkinson's diseaseLi N.-N.; Wang L.; Tan E.-K. ; Cheng L.; Sun X.-Y.; Lu Z.-J.; Li J.-Y.; Zhang J.-H.; Peng R.
2013Genetics and Evolution of the Salmonella Galactose-Initiated Set of O AntigensReeves P.R.; Cunneen M.M.; Liu B. ; Wang L.
2014Genome characteristics reveal the impact of lichenization on lichen-forming fungus Endocarpon pusillum Hedwig (Verrucariales, Ascomycota)Wang Y.-Y.; Liu B. ; Zhang X.-Y.; Zhou Q.-M.; Zhang T.; Li H.; Yu Y.-F.; Zhang X.-L.; Hao X.-Y.; Wang M.; Wang L.; Wei J.-C.
2013Genome-Wide Analysis of the Salmonella Fis Regulon and Its Regulatory Mechanism on Pathogenicity IslandsWang H.; Liu B. ; Wang Q.; Wang L.
2009Genome-Wide association analyses identify SPOCKas a key novel gene underlying age at menarcheLiu Y.-Z.; Guo Y.-F.; Wang L.; Tan L.-J.; Liu X.-G. ; Pei Y.-F.; Yan H.; Xiong D.-H.; Deng F.-Y.; Yu N.; Zhang Y.-P.; Zhang L.; Lei S.-F.; Chen X.-D.; Liu H.-B.; Zhu X.-Z.; Levy S.; Papasian C.J.; Drees B.M.; Hamilton J.J.; Recker R.R.; Deng H.-W.
2017Genome-wide association study identifies a missense variant at APOA5 for coronary artery disease in Multi-Ethnic Cohorts from Southeast AsiaHan Y.; Dorajoo R. ; Chang X. ; Wang L.; Khor C.-C.; Sim X. ; Cheng C.-Y. ; Shi Y. ; Tham Y.C. ; Zhao W. ; Chee M.L.; Sabanayagam C.; Chae M.L.; Tan N.; Wong T.Y.; Tai E.-S. ; Liu J. ; Goh D.Y.T. ; Yuan J.-M.; Koh W.-P.; Van Dam R.M.; Low A.F.; Chan M.Y.-Y.; Friedlander Y.; Heng C.-K. 
2015Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies multiple novel associations and ethnic heterogeneity of psoriasis susceptibilityYin X.|Low H.Q.; Wang L.; Li Y.; Ellinghaus E.; Han J.; Estivill X.; Sun L.; Zuo X.; Shen C.; Zhu C.; Zhang A.; Sanchez F.; Padyukov L.; Catanese J.J.; Krueger G.G.; Duffin K.C.; Mucha S.; Weichenthal M.; Weidinger S.; Lieb W.; Foo J.N.; Li Y.; Sim K.; Li