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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2004A dual-metal gate integration process for CMOS with sub-1-nm EOT HfO2 by using HfN replacement gateRen, C.; Yu, H.Y. ; Kang, J.F.; Wang, X.P.; Ma, H.H.H. ; Yeo, Y.-C. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Li, M.-F. ; Kwong, D.-L.
Jan-2006A fast measurement technique of MOSFET Id-Vg characteristicsShen, C.; Li, M.-F. ; Wang, X.P.; Yeo, Y.-C. ; Kwong, D.-L.
2005A new gate dielectric HfLaO with metal gate work function tuning capability and superior NMOSFETs performanceWang, X.P.; Li, M.F. ; Chin, A. ; Zhu, C. ; Chi, R.; Yu, X.F.; Shen, C.; Du, A.Y.; Chan, D.S.H. ; Kwong, D.-L.
2007A novel high-k gate dielectric HfLaO for next generation CMOS technologyLi, M.-F. ; Wang, X.P.; Yu, H.Y.; Zhu, C.X. ; Chin, A.; Du, A.Y.; Shao, J.; Lu, W.; Shen, X.C.; Liu, P.; Hung, S.; Lo, P.; Kwong, D.L.
2008Band edge NMOS work function for nickel fully-silicided (FUSI) gate obtained by the insertion of novel Y-, Tb-, and Yb-based interlayersLim, A.E.-J.; Lee, R.T.P. ; Wang, X.P.; Hwang, W.S.; Tung, C.-H.; Lai, D.M.Y.; Samudra, G. ; Kwong, D.-L.; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2004Characteristics of sub-1 nm CVD HfO2 gate dielectrics with HfN electrodes for advanced CMOS applicationsKang, J.F.; Yu, H.Y. ; Ren, C.; Wang, X.P.; Li, M.-F. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Liu, X.Y.; Han, R.Q.; Wang, Y.Y.; Kwong, D.-L.
2006Dual metal gates with band-edge work functions on novel HfLaO high- κ gate dielectricWang, X.P.; Shen, C.; Li, M.-F. ; Yu, H.Y.; Sun, Y. ; Feng, Y.P. ; Lim, A.; Sik, H.W.; Chin, A.; Yeo, Y.C. ; Lo, P.; Kwong, D.L.
Nov-2004Dynamic bias-temperature instability in ultrathin SiO 2 and HfO 2 metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistors and its impact on device lifetimeLi, M.F. ; Chen, G.; Shen, C.; Wang, X.P.; Yu, H.Y. ; Yeo, Y.-C. ; Kwong, D.L.
May-2004Fermi pinning-induced thermal instability of metal-gate work functionsYu, H.Y. ; Ren, C.; Yeo, Y.-C. ; Kang, J.F. ; Wang, X.P.; Ma, H.H.H. ; Li, M.-F. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Kwong, D.-L.
2004Frequency dependent dynamic charge trapping in HfO 2 and threshold voltage instability in MOSFETsShen, C.; Yu, H.Y. ; Wang, X.P.; Li, M.-F. ; Yeo, Y.-C. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Bera, K.L.; Kwong, D.L.
2006High density and program-erasable metal-insulator-silicon capacitor with a dielectric structure of SiO2/HfO2 - Al2 O 3 nanolaminate/Al2 O3Ding, S.-J.; Zhang, M.; Chen, W.; Zhang, D.W.; Wang, L.-K.; Wang, X.P.; Zhu, C. ; Li, M.-F. 
2004High mobility and excellent electrical stability of MOSFETs using a novel HfTaO gate dielectricYu, X.; Zhu, C. ; Wang, X.P.; Li, M.F. ; Chin, A.; Du, A.Y.; Wang, W.D.; Kwong, D.-L.
2006High temperature stable [Ir3Si-TaN]/HfLaON CMOS with large work-function differenceWu, C.H.; Hung, B.F.; Chin, A.; Wang, S.J.; Chen, W.J.; Wang, X.P.; Li, M.-F. ; Zhu, C. ; Jin, Y.; Tao, H.J.; Chen, S.C.; Liang, M.S.
Apr-2007High-temperature stable HfLaON p-MOSFETs with high-work-function Ir 3Si gateWu, C.H.; Hung, B.F.; Chin, A.; Wang, S.J.; Wang, X.P.; Li, M.-F. ; Zhu, C. ; Yen, F.Y.; Hou, Y.T.; Jin, Y.; Tao, H.J.; Chen, S.C.; Liang, M.S.
Apr-2005Improved electrical and reliability characteristics of hfn-hfo2-gated nMOSFET with 0.95-nm EOT fabricated using a gate-first processKang, F.J.; Yu, H.Y. ; Ren, C.; Wang, X.P.; Li, M.-F. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Yeo, Y.-C. ; Sa, N.; Yang, H.; Liu, X.Y.; Han, R.Q.; Kwong, D.-L.
2007Metal-gate work function modulation using hafnium alloys obtained by the interdiffusion of thin metallic layersLim, A.E.-J.; Hwang, W.S.; Wang, X.P.; Lai, D.M.Y.; Samudra, G.S. ; Kwong, D.-L.; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2004Negative U traps in HfO 2 gate dielectrics and frequency dependence of dynamic BTI in MOSFETsShen, C.; Li, M.F. ; Wang, X.P.; Yu, H.Y. ; Feng, Y.P. ; Lim, A.T.-L. ; Yeo, Y.C. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Kwong, D.L.
2005New insights in hf based high-k gate dielectrics in mosfetsLi, M.-F. ; Zhu, C. ; Shen, C.; Yu, X.F.; Wang, X.P.; Feng, Y.P. ; Du, A.Y.; Yeo, Y.C. ; Samudra, G. ; Chin, A. ; Kwong, D.L. 
Oct-2007NMOS compatible work function of TaN metal gate with erbium-oxide-doped hafnium oxide gate dielectricChen, J. ; Wang, X.P.; Li, M.-F. ; Lee, S.J. ; Yu, M.B.; Shen, C.; Yeo, Y.-C. 
Jun-2006Physical and electrical characteristics of high-κ gate dielectric Hf(1-x)LaxOyWang, X.P.; Li, M.F. ; Chin, A. ; Zhu, C.X. ; Shao, J.; Lu, W.; Shen, X.C.; Yu, X.F.; Chi, R.; Shen, C.; Huan, A.C.H.; Pan, J.S.; Du, A.Y.; Lo, P.; Chan, D.S.H. ; Kwong, D.-L.