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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20123-D-2-D spatiotemporal registration for sports motion analysisLeow, W.K. ; Wang, R.; Leong, H.W. 
20083D-2D spatiotemporal registration for sports motion analysisWang, R.; Wee, K.L. ; Hon, W.L. 
15-Apr-2002A critical review on diffusivity and the characterization of diffusivity of 6FDA-6FpDA polyimide membranes for gas separationWang, R.; Cao, C.; Chung, T.-S. 
5-May-2004A governing equation for physical aging of thick and thin fluoropolyimide filmsZhou, C.; Chung, T.-S. ; Wang, R.; Goh, S.H. 
21-Feb-2013A high work function anode interfacial layer via mild temperature thermal decomposition of a C60F36 thin film on ITOMao, H.Y. ; Wang, R.; Zhong, J.Q.; Zhong, S.; Lin, J.D.; Wang, X.Z.; Chen, Z.K.; Chen, W. 
2001A novel dimer of a C-type lectin-like heterodimer from the venom of Calloselasma rhodostoma (Malayan pit viper)Wang, R.; Kong, C.; Chung, M.C.M. ; Kolatkar, P.
21-Dec-2013A poly(vinylidene fluoride)-graft-poly(dopamine acrylamide) copolymer for surface functionalizable membranesXu, L.Q.; Chen, J.C.; Wang, R.; Neoh, K.-G. ; Kang, E.-T. ; Fu, G.D.
15-Mar-2007A prospective study of tobacco and alcohol use as risk factors for pharyngeal carcinomas in Singapore ChineseFriborg, J.T.; Yuan, J.-M.; Wang, R.; Koh, W.-P. ; Lee, H.-P. ; Yu, M.C.
1-Apr-2010A vegetable-fruit-soy dietary pattern protects against breast cancer among postmenopausal Singapore Chinese womenButler, L.M.; Wu, A.H.; Wang, R.; Koh, W.-P. ; Yuan, J.-M.; Yu, M.C.
May-2008Advances in machine learning prediction of toxicological properties and adverse drug reactions of pharmaceutical agents.Ma, X.H. ; Wang, R.; Xue, Y. ; Li, Z.R. ; Yang, S.Y.; Wei, Y.Q.; Chen, Y.Z. 
Sep-1997Anomalous optical properties and electron-phonon coupling enhancement in Fe2O3 nanoparticles coated with a layer of stearatesZou, B. ; Huang, W. ; Han, M.Y. ; Li, S.F.Y. ; Wu, X.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, J.; Wu, P.; Wang, R.
1-Aug-2011Aromatase (CYP19) promoter gene polymorphism and risk of nonviral hepatitis-related hepatocellular carcinomaKoh, W.-P. ; Yuan, J.-M.; Wang, R.; Govindarajan, S.; Oppenheimer, R.; Zhang, Z.Q.; Yu, M.C.; Ingles, S.A.
5-Oct-2013Association between body mass index and cardiovascular disease mortality in east Asians and south Asians: Pooled analysis of prospective data from the Asia Cohort ConsortiumChen, Y.; Copeland, W.K.; Vedanthan, R.; Grant, E.; Lee, J.E.; Gu, D.; Gupta, P.C.; Ramadas, K.; Inoue, M.; Tsugane, S.; Tamakoshi, A.; Gao, Y.-T.; Yuan, J.-M.; Shu, X.-O.; Ozasa, K.; Tsuji, I.; Kakizaki, M.; Tanaka, H.; Nishino, Y.; Chen, C.-J.; Wang, R.; Yoo, K.-Y.; Ahn, Y.-O.; Ahsan, H.; Pan, W.-H.; Chen, C.-S.; Pednekar, M.S.; Sauvaget, C.; Sasazuki, S.; Yang, G.; Koh, W.-P. ; Xiang, Y.-B.; Ohishi, W.; Watanabe, T.; Sugawara, Y.; Matsuo, K.; You, S.-L.; Park, S.K.; Kim, D.-H.; Parvez, F.; Chuang, S.-Y.; Ge, W.; Rolland, B.; McLerran, D.; Sinha, R.; Thornquist, M.; Kang, D.; Feng, Z.; Boffetta, P.; Zheng, W.; He, J.; Potter, J.D.
24-Feb-2011Association between body-mass index and risk of death in more than 1 million AsiansZheng, W.; McLerran, D.F.; Rolland, B.; Zhang, X.; Inoue, M.; Matsuo, K.; He, J.; Gupta, P.C.; Ramadas, K.; Tsugane, S.; Irie, F.; Tamakoshi, A.; Gao, Y.-T.; Wang, R.; Shu, X.-O.; Tsuji, I.; Kuriyama, S.; Tanaka, H.; Satoh, H.; Chen, C.-J.; Yuan, J.-M.; Yoo, K.-Y.; Ahsan, H.; Pan, W.-H.; Gu, D.; Pednekar, M.S.; Sauvaget, C.; Sasazuki, S.; Sairenchi, T.; Yang, G.; Xiang, Y.-B.; Nagai, M.; Suzuki, T.; Nishino, Y.; You, S.-L.; Koh, W.-P. ; Park, S.K.; Chen, Y.; Shen, C.-Y.; Thornquist, M.; Feng, Z.; Kang, D.; Boffetta, P.; Potter, J.D.
5-Aug-2013Biopolymer as an electron selective layer for inverted polymer solar cellsJin Tan, M.; Zhong, S.; Wang, R.; Zhang, Z.; Chellappan, V.; Chen, W. 
2011Body mass index and diabetes in Asia: A cross-sectional pooled analysis of 900,000 individuals in the Asia cohort consortiumBoffetta, P.; McLerran, D.; Chen, Y.; Inoue, M.; Sinha, R.; He, J.; Gupta, P.C.; Tsugane, S.; Irie, F.; Tamakoshi, A.; Gao, Y.-T.; Shu, X.-O.; Wang, R.; Tsuji, I.; Kuriyama, S.; Matsuo, K.; Satoh, H.; Chen, C.-J.; Yuan, J.-M.; Yoo, K.-Y.; Ahsan, H.; Pan, W.-H.; Gu, D.; Pednekar, M.S.; Sasazuki, S.; Sairenchi, T.; Yang, G.; Xiang, Y.-B.; Nagai, M.; Tanaka, H.; Nishino, Y.; You, S.-L.; Koh, W.-P. ; Park, S.K.; Shen, C.-Y.; Thornquist, M.; Kang, D.; Rolland, B.; Feng, Z.; Zheng, W.; Potter, J.D.
2010Body mass index and smoking-related lung cancer risk in the Singapore Chinese Health StudyKoh, W.-P. ; Lee, H.-P. ; Yuan, J.-M.; Wang, R.; Yu, M.C.
Jul-2012Body mass, tobacco smoking, alcohol drinking and risk of cancer of the small intestine-a pooled analysis of over 500 000 subjects in the Asia Cohort ConsortiumBoffetta, P.; Hazelton, W.D.; Chen, Y.; Sinha, R.; Inoue, M.; Gao, Y.T.; Koh, W.P. ; Shu, X.O.; Grant, E.J.; Tsuji, I.; Nishino, Y.; You, S.L.; Yoo, K.Y.; Yuan, J.M.; Kim, J.; Tsugane, S.; Yang, G.; Wang, R.; Xiang, Y.B.; Ozasa, K.; Nagai, M.; Kakizaki, M.; Chen, C.J.; Park, S.K.; Shin, A.; Ahsan, H.; Qu, C.X.; Lee, J.E.; Thornquist, M.; Rolland, B.; Feng, Z.; Zheng, W.; Potter, J.D.
1-Dec-2002C2 and C3 hydrocarbon separations in poly(1,5-naphthalene-2,2′-bis(3,4-phthalic) hexafluoropropane) diimide (6FDA-1,5-NDA) dense membranesChan, S.S.; Wang, R.; Chung, T.-S. ; Liu, Y.
15-Jun-2010Calcium intake increases risk of prostate cancer among Singapore ChineseButler, L.M.; Wong, A.S.; Koh, W.-P. ; Wang, R.; Yuan, J.-M.; Yu, M.C.