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Jul-2012Airway stem cells: Review of potential impact on understanding of upper airway diseasesYu, F.; Zhao, X.; Li, C. ; Li, Y.; Yan, Y.; Shi, L.; Gordon, B.R.; Wang, D.-Y.
9-Jun-2000Dynasol: a visual quantum dynamics packagePeng, T.; Zhang, D.H. ; Wang, D.-Y.; Li, Y.-M.; Zhang, J.Z.H.
Apr-2013Gene expression signatures: A new approach to understanding the pathophysiology of chronic rhinosinusitisLi, C. ; Shi, L.; Yan, Y.; Gordon, B.R.; Gordon, W.M.; Wang, D.-Y.
Aug-2013Identification of a subpopulation of nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells with cancer stem-like cell properties by high aldehyde dehydrogenase activityYu, F.; Sim, A.C.N.; Li, C. ; Li, Y.; Zhao, X.; Wang, D.-Y.; Loh, K.S.
10-Mar-2014Malignant cells derived from 3T3 fibroblast feeder layer in cell culture for nasopharyngeal carcinomaYu, F.; Hsieh, W.-S. ; Petersson, F.; Yang, H.; Li, Y.; Li, C. ; Low, S.W. ; Liu, J.; Yan, Y.; Wang, D.-Y.; Loh, K.S.
2002Rhinitis: Do diagnostic criteria affect the prevalence and treatment?Wang, D.-Y.; Smith, J.D. ; Yeoh, K.H. ; Niti, M.; Ng, T.P. 
May-2001Studies on Interface Structure of BBDMS-PPV/ITO System Using ADXPS TechniqueSong, W.-J.; Zhu, Y.-F.; Cao, L.-L.; Li, Z.-P.; Wang, D.-Y.; Huang, W. 
Sep-2012The use of nasal epithelial stem/progenitor cells to produce functioning ciliated cells in vitroZhao, X.; Yu, F.; Li, C. ; Li, Y.; Chao, S.-S.; Loh, W.-S.; Pan, X.; Shi, L.; Wang, D.-Y.