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Oct-2011A novel mutation in transforming growth factor-beta induced protein (TGFβIp) reveals secondary structure perturbation in lattice corneal dystrophyLakshminarayanan, R.; Vithana, E.N.; Chai, S.-M.; Chaurasia, S.S.; Saraswathi, P.; Venkatraman, A.; Rojare, C.; Venkataraman, D.; Tan, D.; Aung, T.; Beuerman, R.W.; Mehta, J.S. 
2008Analysis of conjunctival fibroblasts from a proband with Schnyder corneal dystrophyMehta, J.S.; Vithana, E.N. ; Venkataraman, D.; Venkatraman, A.; Poh, R.; Beuerman, R.W. ; Aung, T. ; Tan, D.T.H. 
2009Association of LOXL1 polymorphisms with pseudoexfoliation in the ChineseLee, K.Y.C.; Aung, T. ; Ho, S.L.; Pek, D.C.K.; Thalamuthu, A.; Venkatraman, A.; Venkataraman, D.; Vithana, E.N. 
Jul-2011Association of TCF4 gene polymorphisms with Fuchs' corneal dystrophy in the ChineseThalamuthu, A.; Khor, C.C. ; Venkataraman, D.; Koh, L.W.; Tan, D.T.H.; Aung, T.; Mehta, J.S. ; Vithana, E.N.
2010Identification of a novel mutation in the NTF4 gene that causes primary open-angle glaucoma in a Chinese populationVithana, E.N. ; Nongpiur, M.E.; Venkataraman, D.; Chan, S.H.; Mavinahalli, J.; Aung, T. 
2008Lack of association between the rs2664538 polymorphism in the MMP-9 gene and primary angle closure glaucoma in singaporean subjectsAung, T. ; Lim, M.C.C.; Aung, T. ; Yong, V.H.K.; Venkataraman, D.; Toh, J.-Y.; Vithana, E.N. ; Chew, P.T.K. 
2008Molecular analysis of CHX10 and MFRP in Chinese subjects with primary angle closure glaucoma and short axial length eyesAung, T. ; Lim, M.C.C.; Wong, T.T.L.; Yong, V.H.K.; Venkataraman, D.; Venkatraman, A.; Vithana, E.N. ; Chew, P.T.K. ; Thalamuthu, A.
1-Jul-2003Molecular evolution and phylogeny of elapid snake venom three-finger toxinsFry, B.G. ; Wüster, W.; Kini, R.M. ; Brusic, V.; Khan, A.; Venkataraman, D.; Rooney, A.P.
2006Mutations in sodium-borate cotransporter SLC4A11 cause recessive congenital hereditary endothelial dystrophy (CHED2)Vithana, E.N. ; Tan, D.T.H. ; Venkataraman, D.; Yong, V.H.K.; Aung, T. ; Morgan, P.; Casey, J.R.; Sundaresan, P.; Hemadevi, B.; Srinivasan, M.; Prajna, V.; Ebenezer, N.D.; Mohamed, M.D.; Inglehearn, C.F.; Anand, S.; Khine, K.O.; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Guo, K.
2008SLC4A11 mutations in Fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophyVithana, E.N. ; Tan, D.T.H. ; Venkataraman, D.; Venkatraman, A.; Aung, T. ; Morgan, P.E.; Casey, J.R.; Ramprasad, V.; Nagasamy, S.; Kumaramanickevel, G.; Rajagopal, R.; Yam, G.H.F.; Law, R.W.K.; Pang, C.P.; Yong, V.H.K
2009Surgical management and genetic analysis of a Chinese family with the S171P mutation in the UBIAD1 gene, the gene for Schnyder corneal dystrophyMehta, J.S.; Vithana, E.N. ; Venkataraman, D.; Venkatraman, A.; Yong, V.H.K.; Aung, T. ; Tan, D.T.H. 
2007Therapeutic targeting of nuclear receptor corepressor misfolding in acute promyelocytic leukemia cells with genisteinNg, A.P.P. ; Nin, D.S.; Fong, J.H.; Venkataraman, D.; Khan, M. ; Chen, C.-S. 
Apr-2011Toll-like receptor 3 polymorphism rs3775291 is not associated with choroidal neovascularization or polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy in Chinese subjectsSng, C.C.A.; Cackett, P.D.; Yeo, I.Y.; Thalamuthu, A.; Venkatraman, A.; Venkataraman, D.; Koh, A.H.; Tai, E.-S.; Wong, T.Y. ; Aung, T.; Vithana, E.N.