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2017A study on the influence of internet addiction and online interpersonal influences on health-related quality of life in young VietnameseTran, B.X; Huong, L.T; Hinh, N.D; Nguyen, L.H; Le, B.N; Nong, V.M; Thuc, V.T.M; Tho, T.D; Latkin, C; Zhang, M.W ; Ho, R.C 
2018Factors associated with the risk of developing coronary artery disease in medicated patients with major depressive disorderHo, R.C.M ; Chua, A.C; Tran, B.X; Choo, C.C; Husain, S.F ; Vu, G.T; McIntyre, R.S; Ho, C.S.H
2019HIV knowledge and risk behaviors among drug users in three Vietnamese mountainous provincesNguyen, T.M.T; Tran, B.X; Fleming, M; Pham, M.D; Nguyen, L.T; Nguyen, A.L.T; Le, H.T; Nguyen, T.H; Hoang, V.H; Le, X.T.T; Vuong, Q.H; Ho, M.T; Dam, V.N; Vuong, T.T; Nguyen, V; Nguyen, H.L.T; Do, H.P; Doan, P.L; Nguyen, H.H; Latkin, C.A; Ho, C.S.H; Ho, R.C.M 
2018Prevalence of depression among migrants: A systematic review and meta-analysisFoo, S.Q; Tam, W.W ; Ho, C.S; Tran, B.X; Nguyen, L.H; McIntyre, R.S; Ho, R.C 
2018Socio-economic disparities in attitude and preference for menu labels among vietnamese restaurant customersNguyen, L.H; Tran, B.X; Nguyen, H.L.T; Le, H.T; Do, H.T; Kim Dang, A; Nguyen, C.T; Latkin, C.A; Zhang, M.W.B ; Ho, R.C.M 
2018What drives young vietnamese to use mobile health innovations? Implications for health communication and behavioral interventionsTran, B.X; Zhang, M.W.B ; Le, H.T; Nguyen, H.D; Nguyen, L.H; Nguyen, Q.L.T; Tran, T.D; Latkin, C.A; Ho, R.C.M