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2-Dec-2010Advancing standards for bioinformatics activities: Persistence, reproducibility, disambiguation and Minimum Information About a Bioinformatics investigation (MIABi)Tan, T.W. ; Tong, J.C.; Khan, A.M.; de Silva, M.; Lim, K.S. ; Ranganathan, S. 
2009Allergen Atlas: A comprehensive knowledge center and analysis resource for allergen informationTong, J.C.; Lim, S.J.; Muh, H.C.; Chew, F.T. ; Tammi, M.T. 
15-Feb-2007AllerTool: A web server for predicting allergenicity and allergic cross-reactivity in proteinsZhang, Z.H.; Koh, J.L.Y.; Zhang, G.L.; Choo, K.H.; Tammi, M.T. ; Tong, J.C.
2006Computational models for identifying promiscuous HLA-B7 binders based on information theory and support vector machineZhang, G.L.; Tong, J.C.; Zhang, Z.H.; Zheng, Y. ; August, J.T.; Kwoh, C.K.; Brusic, V.
2007In silico characterization of immunogenic epitopes presented by HLA-Cw*0401Tong, J.C.; Zhang, Z.H.; Tan, T.W. ; Ranganathan, S. ; August, J.T.; Brusic, V.
2007Methods and protocols for prediction of immunogenic epitopesRanganathan, S. ; Tong, J.C.; Tan, T.W. 
2010Mining mutation chains in biological sequencesSheng, C.; Hsu, W. ; Lee, M.L. ; Tong, J.C.; Ng, S.-K.
2008Modeling Escherichia coli signal peptidase complex with bound substrate: Determinants in the mature peptide influencing signal peptide cleavageChoo, K.H. ; Tong, J.C.; Ranganathan, S. 
Apr-2011MPID-T2: A database for sequence-structure-function analyses of pMHC and TR/pMHC structuresKhan, J.M.; Cheruku, H.R.; Tong, J.C.; Ranganathan, S. 
1-May-2008Prediction of protein allergenicity using local description of amino acid sequenceTong, J.C.; Tammi, M.T. 
May-2004Recent applications of Hidden Markov Models in computational biology.Choo, K.H.; Tong, J.C.; Zhang, L. 
11-Mar-2010Structural insights into the design of small molecule inhibitors that selectively antagonize Mcl-1Bernardo, P.H.; Sivaraman, T. ; Wan, K.-F.; Xu, J.; Krishnamoorthy, J.; Sons, C.M.; Tian, L.; Chin, J.S.F.; Lim, D.S.W.; Mok, H.Y.K. ; Yu, V.C. ; Tong, J.C.; Chai, C.L.L.
5-Jan-2011Synthesis and potent cytotoxic activity of 8- and 9-anilinophenanthridine- 7,10-dionesBernardo, P.H.; Khanijou, J.K.; Lam, T.H.; Tong, J.C.; Chai, C.L.L. 
2011Synthesis of a rhodanine-based compound library targeting Bcl-XL and Mcl-1Bernardo, P.H.; Sivaraman, T.; Wan, K.-F.; Xu, J.; Krishnamoorthy, J.; Song, C.M.; Tian, L.; Chin, J.S.F.; Lim, D.S.W.; Mok, H.Y.K. ; Yu, V.C. ; Tong, J.C.; Chai, C.L.L. 
12-Dec-2008The value of position-specific scoring matrices for assessment of protein allegenicityLim, S.J.; Tong, J.C.; Chew, F.T. ; Tammi, M.T.