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2005A configurable three-dimensional microenvironment in a microfluidic channel for primary hepatocyte cultureToh, Y.-C.; Ng, S.; Khong, Y.M.; Samper, V. ; Yu, H. 
2008A gel-free 3D microfluidic cell culture systemOng, S.-M.; Zhang, C.; Toh, Y.-C.; Foo, H.L.; van, Noort D.; Yu, H. ; Tan, C.H. ; Kim, S.H.; Park, S.
2009A microfluidic 3D hepatocyte chip for drug toxicity testingToh, Y.-C.; Lim, T.C.; Tai, D.; Xiao, G.; Van, Noort D.; Yu, H. 
2007A novel 3D mammalian cell perfusion-culture system in microfluidic channelsToh, Y.-C.; Zhang, C.; Zhang, J.; Khong, Y.M.; Samper, V.D.; Van, Noort D.; Yu, H. ; Hutmacher, D.W. ; Chang, S. 
2007A practical guide to microfluidic perfusion culture of adherent mammalian cellsKim, L.; Voldman, J.; Toh, Y.-C.; Yu, H. 
2005Application of a polyelectrolyte complex coacervation method to improve seeding efficiency of bone marrow stromal cells in a 3D culture systemToh, Y.-C.; Yu, H. ; Ho, S.T.; Hutmacher, D.W. ; Zhou, Y. 
2006Cellular responses to a nanofibrous environmentToh, Y.-C.; Ng, S.; Khong, Y.M.; Sun, W. ; Yu, H. ; Zhang, X.; Zhu, Y.; Lin, P.-C.; Te, C.-M.
8-Oct-2003Decolourisation of azo dyes by white-rot fungi (WRF) isolated in SingaporeToh, Y.-C.; Lin Yen, J.J.; Obbard, J.P. ; Ting, Y.-P. 
2008Dendrimer hydrazides as multivalent transient inter-cellular linkersZhao, D.; Ong, S.-M.; Yue, Z.; Toh, Y.-C.; Khan, M.; Yu, H. ; Chen, J.P.; Jiang, Z. ; Shi, J. ; Tan, C.-H. 
2011Differential environmental spatial patterning (δESP) recreates proximal-distal axial pattrens in embryonic stem cell coloniesToh, Y.-C.; Blagovic, K.; Yu, H. ; Voldman, J.
2013Gratings on a dish: A scalable cell alignment substrate on optical mediaAnene-Nzelu, C.G.; Choudhury, D.; Li, H.; Toh, Y.-C.; Ng, G.S.H.; Liang, L.H. ; Yu, H. 
2008Integrating sensitive quantification of hepatic metabolic functions by capillary electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence detectionToh, Y.-C.; Zhang, J.; Khong, Y.M.; Du, Y.; Sun, W.; Yu, H. 
Feb-2013Mechanical compaction directly modulates the dynamics of bile canaliculi formationWang, Y.; Toh, Y.-C.; Li, Q.; Nugraha, B.; Zheng, B.; Lu, T.B.; Gao, Y.; Ng, M.M.L.; Yu, H. 
Dec-2011Spatially organized in vitro models instruct asymmetric stem cell differentiationToh, Y.-C.; Blagovic, K.; Yu, H. ; Voldman, J.
2009The controlled presentation of TGF-β1 to hepatocytes in a 3D-microfluidic cell culture systemZhang, C. ; Ong, S.-M.; Zhang, S. ; Toh, Y.-C.; van, Noort D.; Yu, H. ; Chia, S.-M.