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28-Jun-2013Aryl-substituents moderate the nature of hydrogen bonds, N-H⋯N versus N-H⋯O, leading to supramolecular chains in the crystal structures of N-arylamino 1,2,3-triazole estersCunha, A.C.; Ferreira, V.F.; Jordão, A.K.; De Souza, M.C.B.V.; Wardell, S.M.S.V.; Wardell, J.L.; Tan, P.A.; Bettens, R.P.A. ; Seth, S.K.; Tiekink, E.R.T.
Nov-2006catena-Poly[[[bis[(-)-O-bornyldithiocarbonato-κ2S, S′]nickel(II)]-μ4,4′-bipyridine-κ2N:N′] chloroform disolvate]Dakternieks, D.; Duthie, A.; Lai, C.-S. ; Tiekink, E.R.T.
1-Oct-2005Catena-Poly[[bis(O,O′-dicyclohexyldithio-phosphato- κ2,S,S′)zinc(II)]-μ-1,2-bis(4-pyridylmethylene) hydrazine-κ2N:N′]Chen, D.; Lai, C.S. ; Tiekink, E.R.T.
2008Co-crystallisation of 2,2′-dithiodibenzoic acid with the isomeric n-pyridinealdazines, n = 2, 3 and 4: Supramolecular polymers and the influence of steric factors upon aggregation patternsBroker, G.A.; Bettens, R.P.A. ; Tiekink, E.R.T.
May-2007Cytotoxicity, qualitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR), and anti-tumor activity of bismuth dithiocarbamate complexesLi, H.; Lai, C.S. ; Wu, J.; Ho, P.C. ; de Vos, D.; Tiekink, E.R.T.
30-Aug-2006Delineating the principles controlling polymer formation and topology in zinc(II)- and cadmium(II)-dithiophosphate adducts of diimine-type ligandsLai, C.S. ; Tiekink, E.R.T.
2008Formation of antimony sulfide powders and thin films from single-source antimony precursorsCastro, J.R.; Molloy, K.C.; Liu, Y.; Lai, C.S. ; Dong, Z.; White, T.J.; Tiekink, E.R.T.
11-Jan-2010Organic Crystal Engineering: Frontiers in Crystal EngineeringTiekink, E.R.T.; Vittal, J. ; Zaworotko, M.
23-Nov-2005Prevalence of the thioamide {⋯H-N-C=S}2 synthon - solid-state (X-ray crystallography), solution (NMR) and gas-phase (theoretical) structures of O-methyl-N-aryl-thiocarbamidesSoo, Y.H.; Bettens, R.P.A. ; Dakternieks, D.; Duthie, A.; Tiekink, E.R.T.
28-Sep-2007Small ligands-induced synthesis of cadmium complexes with N,N-dibenzyl dithiocarbamate and their crystal structuresFan, J.; Wei, F.-X.; Zhang, W.-G.; Yin, X.; Lai, C.-S. ; Tiekink, E.R.T.
2006Supramolecular aggregation in diimine adducts of zinc(II) dithiophosphates: Controlling the formation of monomeric, dimeric, polymeric (zig-zag and helical), and 2-D motifsChen, D.; Lai, C.S. ; Tiekink, E.R.T.
21-Jan-2008Tetra- and dinuclear nickel(II)-vanadium(IV/V) heterometal complexes of a phenol-based N2O2 ligand: Synthesis, structures, and magnetic and redox propertiesMandal, D.; Chatterjee, P.B.; Ganguly, R. ; Tiekink, E.R.T.; Clérac, R.; Chaudhury, M.
2006The importance of C-H......N, C-H......π and π......π interactions in the crystal packing of the isomeric N1,N4- bis((pyridine-n-yl)methylene)-cyclohexane-1,4-diamines, n = 2, 3 and 4Lai, C.S. ; Mohr, F.; Tiekink, E.R.T.
2009The influence of crystal packing effects upon the molecular structures of Ph3Sn(CH2)nSnPh3, n = 1 to 8, as determined by X-ray crystallography and DFT molecular orbital calculations. Supramolecular aggregation patterns sustained by C-H⋯π interactionsBettens, R.P.A. ; Dakternieks, D.; Duthie, A.; Kuan, F.S.; Tiekink, E.R.T.
Nov-2006Tris(O,O′-dicyclohexyl dithiophosphato-κ2S,S′) -bismuth(III) chloroform disolvateEey, S.T.C.; Lai, C.S. ; Tiekink, E.R.T.