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2013A customized fastslam algorithm using scanning laser range finder in structured indoor environmentsHon, B.X.; Tian, H.; Wang, F.; Chen, B.M. ; Lee, T.H. 
Nov-2013Anassociation study of TOLL and CARD with leprosy susceptibility in Chinese populationLiu, H.; Bao, F.; Irwanto, A.; Fu, X.; Lu, N.; Yu, G.; Yu, Y.; Sun, Y.; Low, H.; Li, Y.; Liany, H.; Yuan, C.; Li, J.; Liu, J.; Chen, M.; Liu, H.; Wang, N.; You, J.; Ma, S.; Niu, G.; Zhou, Y.; Chu, T.; Tian, H.; Chen, S.; Zhang, X.; Liu, J. ; Zhang, F.
2008Design of a high speed pseudo-random bit sequence based time resolved single photon counter on FPGATian, H.; Fernando, S. ; Soon, H.W.; Ha, Y. ; Chen, N. 
Aug-2003Erosion stability of punctured geotextile filters subjected to cyclic wave loadings - A laboratory studyChew, S.H. ; Tian, H.; Tan, S.A. ; Karunaratne, G.P. 
2010Ground improvement for deep excavation of City Square MallTian, H.; Tan, S.A. ; Tjahyono, S.; Lim, C.H.; Tanaka, H.
5-Jul-2005Highly fluorescent naphthalimide derivatives for two-photon absorption materialsLi, J.; Meng, F.; Tian, H.; Mi, J.; Ji, W. 
Dec-2011Identification of two new loci at IL23R and RAB32 that influence susceptibility to leprosyZhang, F.; Liu, H.; Chen, S.; Low, H.; Sun, L.; Cui, Y.; Chu, T.; Li, Y.; Fu, X.; Yu, Y.; Yu, G.; Shi, B.; Tian, H.; Liu, D.; Yu, X.; Li, J.; Lu, N.; Bao, F.; Yuan, C.; Liu, J.; Liu, H.; Zhang, L.; Sun, Y.; Chen, M.; Yang, Q.; Yang, H.; Yang, R.; Zhang, L.; Wang, Q.; Zuo, F.; Zhang, H.; Khor, C.C. ; Hibberd, M.L. ; Yang, S.; Liu, J. ; Zhang, X.
8-Dec-2010Phospholipase D2 ablation ameliorates Alzheimer's disease-linked synaptic dysfunction and cognitive deficitsOliveira, T.G.; Chan, R.B.; Tian, H.; Laredo, M.; Shui, G. ; Staniszewski, A.; Zhang, H.; Wang, L.; Kim, T.-W.; Duff, K.E.; Wenk, M.R.; Arancio, O.; Di Paolo, G.
18-Aug-2008Pseudo-random single photon counting for time-resolved optical measurementZhang, Q.; Soon, H.W.; Tian, H.; Fernando, S. ; Ha, Y. ; Chen, N.G. 
2010Ultra storage-efficient time digitizer for pseudorandom single photon counter implemented on a field-programmable gate arrayTian, H.; Fernando, S. ; Soon, H.W.; Qiang, Z.; Zhang, C.; Ha, Y. ; Chen, N.