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Dec-2010Clinicopathological significance of calreticulin in breast invasive ductal carcinomaLwin, Z.-M.; Guo, C.; Salim, A. ; Yip, G.W.-C.; Chew, F.-T. ; Nan, J.; Thike, A.A.; Tan, P.-H.; Bay, B.-H.
Sep-2011Intranuclear inclusions in epithelial cells of benign proliferative breast lesionsHarada, O.; Hoe, R.; Lin, J.; Thike, A.A.; Jara-Lazaro, A.R.; Petersson, F. ; Tan, P.H.
Feb-2012Keratin 15, transcobalamin I and homeobox gene Hox-B13 expression in breast phyllodes tumors: Novel markers in biological classificationChong, L.Y.-Z.; Cheok, P.Y.; Tan, W.-J.; Thike, A.A.; Allen, G.; Ang, M.K.; Ooi, A.S.; Tan, P. ; Teh, B.T.; Tan, P.H.
Oct-2012P53-Independent regulation of p21Waf1/Cip1 expression and senescence by PRMT6Phalke, S.; Mzoughi, S.; Bezzi, M.; Jennifer, N.; Mok, W.C.; Low, D.H.P.; Thike, A.A.; Kuznetsov, V.A.; Tan, P.H.; Voorhoeve, P.M. ; Guccione, E.
1-Aug-2012TP53 genomic status regulates sensitivity of gastric cancer cells to the histone methylation inhibitor 3-deazaneplanocin A (DZNep)Cheng, L.L.; Itahana, Y.; Lei, Z.D.; Chia, N.-Y.; Wu, Y.; Yu, Y.; Zhang, S.L.; Thike, A.A.; Pandey, A.; Rozen, S. ; Voorhoeve, P.M. ; Yu, Q. ; Tan, P.H.; Bay, B.H.; Itahana, K.; Tan, P. 
Jul-2010Triple negative breast cancer: Outcome correlation with immunohistochemical detection of basal markersThike, A.A.; Iqbal, J.; Cheok, P.Y.; Chong, A.P.Y.; Tse, G.M.-K.; Tan, B.; Tan, P. ; Wong, N.S.; Tan, P.H.
Jan-2010Triple-negative breast cancer: Clinicopathological characteristics and relationship with basal-like breast cancerThike, A.A.; Cheok, P.Y.; Jara-Lazaro, A.R.; Tan, B.; Tan, P. ; Tan, P.H.
2010Y-box binding protein 1 is up-regulated in proliferative breast cancer and its inhibition deregulates the cell cycleYu, Y.-N.; Yip, G.W.-C. ; Tan, P.-H. ; Bay, B.-H. ; Thike, A.A.; Matsumoto, K.; Tsujimoto, M.