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Dec-2010A brain controlled wheelchair to navigate in familiar environmentsRebsamen, B. ; Guan, C.; Zhang, H.; Wang, C.; Teo, C.; Ang Jr., M.H. ; Burdet, E.
27-Nov-2013Analysis of a proposal for a realistic loophole-free Bell test with atom-light entanglementTeo, C.; Minář, J. ; Cavalcanti, D. ; Scarani, V. 
Oct-2013Bad design, bad practices, bad bugs: Frustrations in controlling an outbreak of Elizabethkingia meningoseptica in intensive care unitsBalm, M.N.D. ; Salmon, S.; Jureen, R. ; Teo, C.; Mahdi, R.; Seetoh, T. ; Teo, J.T.W.; Lin, R.T.P. ; Fisher, D.A. 
2009Fulminant dengue myocarditis masquerading as acute myocardial infarctionLee, C.-H. ; Teo, C.; Low, A.F.
Jan-2012Information-causality and extremal tripartite correlationsYang, T.H.; Cavalcanti, D. ; Almeida, M.L. ; Teo, C.; Scarani, V. 
1-Sep-2011Lenses as an atom-photon interface: A semiclassical modelTeo, C.; Scarani, V. 
2015Patient-specific carbon nanocomposite tracheal prosthesisChua, M. ; Chui,C.-K. ; Teo, C.; Lau, D.
2013Realistic loophole-free Bell test with atom-photon entanglementTeo, C.; Araújo, M.; Quintino, M.T.; Minář, J. ; Cavalcanti, D. ; Scarani, V. ; Terra Cunha, M.; França Santos, M.
1-Aug-2010Targeted therapy at the end of life for patients with lung cancerWong, A.S.; Teo, C.; Lim, S.-W. ; Wong, E.; Soo, R.A. ; Chan, N.
1-Sep-2012Targeted therapy at the end of life in advanced cancer patientsSoh, T.I.P.; Yuen, Y.-C.; Teo, C.; Lim, S.-W. ; Chan, N.; Wong, A.S.C.
2001Translating customers' voices into operations requirements: A QFD application in higher educationHwarng, H.B. ; Teo, C.