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19-Sep-2002Collectins and ficolins: Sugar pattern recognition molecules of the mammalian innate immune systemLu, J. ; Teh, C.; Kishore, U.; Reid, K.B.M
Sep-2011Conserved regulation of p53 network dosage by microRNA-125b occurs through evolving miRNA-target gene pairsLe, M.T.N.; Shyh-Chang, N.; Khaw, S.L.; Chin, L.; Teh, C.; Tay, J.; O'Day, E.; Korzh, V. ; Yang, H.; Lal, A.; Lieberman, J.; Lodish, H.F.; Lim, B.
2000M-ficolin is expressed on monocytes and is a lectin binding to N-acetyl-D-glucosamine and mediates monocyte adhesion and phagocytosis of Escherichia coliTeh, C.; Le, Y.; Lee, S.H.; Lu, J. 
2010Optogenetic in vivo cell manipulation in KillerRed-expressing zebrafish transgenicsTeh, C.; Chudakov, D.M.; Poon, K.-L.; Mamedov, I.Z.; Sek, J.-Y.; Shidlovsky, K.; Lukyanov, S.; Korzh, V. 
2012PEO surface-decorated silica nanocapsules and their application in in vivo imaging of zebrafishHsu, B.Y.W.; Teh, C.; Tan, H. ; Wong, S.Y.; Zhang, Y. ; Korzh, V.; Li, X.; Wang, J. 
1-Nov-2013Regeneration of breeding tubercles on zebrafish pectoral fins requires androgens and two waves of revascularizationMcMillan, S.C.; Xu, Z.T.; Zhang, J.; Teh, C.; Korzh, V. ; Trudeau, V.L.; Akimenko, M.-A.
7-Feb-2013Stretching Morphogenesis of the Roof Plate and Formation of the Central CanalKondrychyn, I.; Teh, C.; Sin, M.; Korzh, V. 
21-Dec-2010The habenula prevents helpless behavior in larval zebrafishLee, A.; Mathuru, A.S.; Teh, C.; Kibat, C.; Korzh, V. ; Penney, T.B.; Jesuthasan, S.
1-Mar-2011Visualizing compound transgenic zebrafish in development: A tale of green fluorescent protein and KillerRedKorzh, V. ; Teh, C.; Kondrychyn, I.; Chudakov, D.M.; Lukyanov, S.
Aug-2005Wnt signalling mediated by Tbx2b regulates cell migration during formation of the neural plateFong, S.H.; Emelyanov, A.; Teh, C.; Korzh, V. 
1-Dec-2011Zebrafish enhancer TRAP transgenic line database ZETRAP 2.0Kondrychyn, I.; Teh, C.; Garcia-Lecea, M.; Guan, Y.; Kang, A.; Korzh, V. 
6-Mar-2014Zebrafish yap1 plays a role in differentiation of hair cells in posterior lateral lineLoh, S.-L.; Teh, C.; Muller, J.; Guccione, E.; Hong, W.; Korzh, V.