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2007Blood pressure and retinal arteriolar narrowing in childrenMitchell, P.; Taylor, B.; Rochtchina, E.; Wang, J.J.; Cheung, N.; De, Haseth K.; Islam, F.M.A.; Wong, T.Y.; Saw, S.M. 
2007Body mass index and its effects on retinal vessel diameter in 6-year-old childrenTaylor, B.; Rochtchina, E.; Wang, J.J.; Mitchell, P.; Wong, T.Y.; Saw, S.M. ; Heikal, S.
2006Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Retinal Microvascular Signs in an Adult Japanese Population: The Funagata StudyYamashita, H.; Kawasaki, R.; Wang, J.J.; Rochtchina, E.; Taylor, B.; Mitchell, P.; Wong, T.Y. ; Tominaga, M.; Kato, T.; Daimon, M.; Oizumi, T.; Kawata, S.; Kayama, T.; Yamashita, H.
Apr-2008Ethnic variability in retinal vessel caliber: A potential source of measurement error from ocular pigmentation?-The Sydney childhood eye studyRochtchina, E.; Wang, J.J.; Taylor, B.; Wong, T.Y. ; Mitchell, P.
2008Prevalence and Risk Factors for Age-Related Macular Degeneration in an Adult Japanese Population. The Funagata StudyKawasaki, R.; Oizumi, T.; Daimon, M.; Kato, T.; Kawata, S.; Kayama, T.; Yamashita, H.; Wang, J.J.; Wong, T.Y. ; Taylor, B.; Mitchell, P.; Ji, G.-j.; Tano, Y.
Jun-2008Relationships of retinal vessel diameters with optic disc, macular and retinal nerve fiber layer parameters in 6-year-old childrenCheung, N.; Huynh, S.; Wang, J.J.; Taylor, B.; Islam, F.M.A.; Saw, S.M. ; Wong, T.Y. ; Mitchell, P.
Feb-2006Retinal vessel diameters and obesity: A population-based study in older personsWang, J.J.; Taylor, B.; Wong, T.Y. ; Chua, B.; Rochtchina, E.; Klein, R.; Mitchell, P.
2008The Retinal Vasculature as a Fractal: Methodology, Reliability, and Relationship to Blood PressureLiew, G.; Wang, J.J.; Mitchell, P.; Taylor, B.; Cheung, N.; Tikellis, G.; Wong, T.Y. ; Zhang, Y.P.; Hsu, W. ; Lee, M.L.