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2004Discovery of estrogen receptor alpha target genes and response elements in breast tumor cells.Lin C.Y.; Ström A.; Vega V.B. ; Kong S.L.; Yeo A.L.; Thomsen J.S.; Chan W.C. ; Doray B. ; Bangarusamy D.K.; Ramasamy A.; Vergara L.A.; Tang S.; Chong A. ; Bajic V.B.; Miller L.D. ; Gustafsson J.A.; Liu E.T. 
2019Extracorporeal therapy for amlodipine poisoningRamanathan K.; Mohanty B.; Tang S.; MacLaren G 
2009MDPD: An integrated genetic information resource for Parkinson's diseaseTang S.; Zhang Z.; Kavitha G.; Tan E.-K. ; Ng S.K. 
2018Persistence and transcription of paternal mtDNA dependent on the delivery strategy rather than mitochondria source in fish embryosPeng L.; Wen M.; Liu Q. ; Peng J.; Tang S.; Hong Y. ; Liu S.; Xiao Y.
2015Preparation and in vitro evaluation of a multifunctional iron silicate@liposome nanohybrid for ph-sensitive doxorubicin delivery and photoacoustic imagingLiu Z.; Tang S.; Xu Z.; Wang Y.; Zhu X.; Li L.-C.; Hong W. ; Wang X.
2012Risk factors, molecular epidemiology and outcomes of ertapenem-resistant, carbapenem-susceptible enterobacteriaceae: A case-case-control studyTeo J.; Cai Y.; Tang S.; Lee W.; Tan T.Y.; Tan T.T. ; Kwa A.L.-H. 
2013Smc5/6 Coordinates Formation and Resolution of Joint Molecules with Chromosome Morphology to Ensure Meiotic DivisionsCopsey A.; Tang S.; Jordan P.W.; Blitzblau H.G.; Newcombe S.; Chan A.C.-h.; Newnham L.; Li Z.; Gray S.; Herbert A.D.; Arumugam P. ; Hochwagen A.; Hunter N.; Hoffmann E.
2007The LRRK2 Gly2385Arg variant is associated with Parkinson's disease: Genetic and functional evidenceTan E.K. ; Zhao Y.; Skipper L.; Tan M.G.; Di Fonzo A.; Sun L.; Fook-Chong S.; Tang S.; Chua E.; Yuen Y.; Tan L.; Pavanni R.; Wong M.C.; Kolatkar P.; Lu C.S.; Bonifati V.; Liu J.J.