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2013A simple and efficient numerical method for computing the dynamics of rotating bose-einstein condensates via rotating lagrangian coordinatesBao, W. ; Marahrens, D.; Tang, Q.; Zhang, Y.
2014A variational-difference numerical method for designing progressive-addition lensesJiang, W.; Bao, W. ; Tang, Q.; Wang, H.
Jul-2011An adaptive edge-based smoothed point interpolation method for mechanics problemsChen, L. ; Zhang, G.Y. ; Zhang, J. ; Nguyen-Thoi, T.; Tang, Q.
18-Mar-2009Characterization and catalytic application of highly dispersed manganese oxides supported on activated carbonTang, Q.; Huang, X.; Chen, Y.; Liu, T. ; Yang, Y.
15-Feb-2013Numerical methods and comparison for computing dark and bright solitons in the nonlinear Schrödinger equationBao, W. ; Tang, Q.; Xu, Z.
Sep-2013Numerical study of quantized vortex interaction in the ginzburg-landau equation on bounded domainsBao, W. ; Tang, Q.
20-Sep-2008Role of potassium in the aerobic oxidation of aromatic alcohols over K+-promoted Mn/C catalystsTang, Q.; Liu, T. ; Yang, Y.
1-Nov-2007Surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy study of interfacial binding of thrombin to antithrombin DNA aptamersTang, Q.; Su, X.; Loh, K.P. 
2003Trajectory-based ball detection and tracking with applications to semantic analysis of broadcast soccer videoYu, X.; Xu, C.; Leong, H.W. ; Tian, Q.; Tang, Q.; Wan, K.W.