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11-Jul-2013Advertising object in web videosHong, R.; Tang, L.; Hu, J.; Li, G. ; Jiang, J.-G.
2011Applicability of synchronized charge extraction technique for piezoelectric energy harvestingTang, L.; Yang, Y.; Tan, Y.K.; Panda, S.K. 
7-Nov-2005Chiral metal template induced asymmetric synthesis of a mixed phosphine-phosphine oxide ligandYeo, W.-C. ; Tang, L.; Yan, B.; Tee, S.-Y.; Koh, L.L. ; Tan, G.-K.; Leung, P.-H.
Sep-2010Lung cancer in Chinese women: Evidence for an interaction between tobacco smoking and exposure to inhalants in the indoor environmentTang, L.; Lim, W.-Y. ; Eng, P.; Leong, S.S.; Lim, T.K.; Ng, A.W.K.; Tee, A.; Seow, A. 
1997Minimal removal of iron-dextran by conventional haemodialysis. An in vivo studyBailie, G.R.; Handa, J.J.; Tang, L.; Low, C.L. ; Eisele, G.
Jan-2010N-ZnO/n-GaAs Heterostructured white light-emitting diode: Nanoscale interface analysis and electroluminescence studiesTan, S.T.; Zhao, J.; Iwan, S.; Sun, X.W.; Tang, X.; Ye, J.; Bosman, M.; Tang, L.; Lo, G.-Q.; Teo, K.L. 
2004TDDB characteristics of ultra-thin HfN/HfO2 gate stackYang, H.; Sa, N.; Tang, L.; Liu, X.; Kang, J.; Han, R.; Yu, H.Y. ; Ren, C.; Li, M.-F. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Kwong, D.-L.
Oct-2008The core and accessory genomes of Burkholderia pseudomallei: Implications for human melioidosisSiew, H.S.; Yu, Y.; Chi, H.L.; Karuturi, R.K.M.; Wuthiekanun, V.; Tuanyok, A.; Hui, H.C.; Ong, C.; Paramalingam, S.S.; Tan, G.; Tang, L.; Lau, G.; Eng, E.O.; Woods, D.; Feil, E.; Peacock, S.J.; Tan, P. 
1995Transmission electron microscopy study of microstructure and [112̄0]//[001] polycrystalline epitaxy of CoNiCr/Cr bilayer filmsTang, L.; Lu, D. ; Thomas, G.