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Jun-2013Adjuvant hepatic intra-arterial iodine-131-lipiodol following curative resection of hepatocellular carcinoma: A prospective randomized trialChung, A.Y.F.; Ooi, L.L.P.J.; Machin, D.; Tan, S.B. ; Goh, B.K.P.; Wong, J.S.; Chen, Y.M.; Li, P.C.N.; Gandhi, M.; Thng, C.H.; Yu, S.W.K.; Tan, B.S.; Lo, R.H.G.; Htoo, A.M.M.; Tay, K.H.; Sundram, F.X.; Goh, A.S.W.; Chew, S.P.; Liau, K.H.; Chow, P.K.H.; Tay, K.H.; Tan, Y.M.; Cheow, P.C.; Ho, C.K.; Soo, K.C.
6-Apr-2010Asymmetric dumbbells from selective deposition of metals on seeded Semiconductor nanorodsChakrabortty, S.; Yang, J.A.; Tan, Y.M.; Mishra, N.; Chan, Y. 
2005Board level drop test reliability of IC packagesChai, T.C.; Quek, S.; Hnin, W.Y.; Wong, E.H.; Chia, J.; Wang, Y.Y.; Tan, Y.M.; Lim, C.T. 
1999Clinics in diagnostic imaging (36)Tan, Y.M.; Yip, S.K.H.; Li, M.K. 
Sep-2012Low temperature co-fired ceramic vaporizing liquid microthruster for microspacecraft applicationsKarthikeyan, K.; Chou, S.K. ; Khoong, L.E.; Tan, Y.M.; Lu, C.W.; Yang, W.M. 
27-Feb-2014Metabotyping of docosahexaenoic acid - Treated alzheimer's disease cell modelBahety, P.; Tan, Y.M.; Hong, Y.; Zhang, L.; Chan, E.C.Y.; Ee, P.-L.R. 
Jun-2011Wash-out of hepatocellular carcinoma: Quantitative region of interest analysis on CTTan, C.H.; Thng, C.H.; Low, A.S.C.; Tan, V.K.M.; Hartono, S.; Koh, T.S.; Goh, B.K.P.; Cheow, P.C.; Tan, Y.M.; Chung, A.Y.F.; Ooi, L.L. ; Earnest, A. ; Chow, P.K.H.