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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A dynamic hidden Markov random field model for foreground and shadow segmentationWang, Y. ; Loe, K.-F. ; Tan, T.; Wu, J.-K.
2005A probabilistic approach for foreground and shadow segmentation in monocular image sequencesWang, Y.; Tan, T.; Loe, K.-F. ; Wu, J.-K.
2003A probabilistic method for foreground and shadow segmentationWang, Y.; Tan, T.; Loe, K.-F. 
2008Approximating polyhedral objects with deformable smooth surfacesCheng, H.-L. ; Tan, T.
10-Jun-2013Class 3 Semaphorin Mediates Dendrite Growth in Adult Newborn Neurons through Cdk5/FAK PathwayNg, T.; Ryu, J.R.; Sohn, J.H.; Tan, T.; Song, H.; Ming, G.-L.; Goh, E.L.K. 
1988Dermatology--recent advances.Chan, H.L. ; Tan, T.
2004Focal length self-calibration based on degenerated kruppa's equations: method and evaluationLao, W.; Cheng, Z.; Kam, A.H.; Tan, T.; Kassim, A. 
1989HLA and allopurinol drug eruptionChan, S.H. ; Tan, T.
1988HLA and antibiotic allergic skin eruptionChan, S.H. ; Tan, T.; Wee, G.B.; Lim, A.Y.
1981HLA and psoriasis in the ChineseChan, S.H. ; Tan, T.; Wee, G.B.; Kamarudin, A.; Rajan, V.S.
1979HLA and sexually transmitted diseases in prostitutesChan, S.H. ; Tan, T.; Kamarudin, A.; Wee, G.B.; Rajan, V.S.
2003Joint region tracking with switching hypothesized measurementsWang, Y.; Tan, T.; Loe, K.-F. 
2004Novel CYP2C9 genetic variants in Asian subjects and their influence on maintenance warfarin doseZhao, F.; Rankin, S.C.; Guo, J.-Y.; Liu, T.-C.; Lu, W.-L.; Goh, B.C. ; Lee, S.C.; Loke, C.; Wu, T.S.; Lim, Y.-T.; Lee, H.S. ; Tan, T.; Zhang, Q.
Apr-2005PDA based human motion recognition systemLeman, K. ; Ankit, G. ; Tan, T.
2008PXR, CAR and HNF4α genotypes and their association with pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of docetaxel and doxorubicin in Asian patientsHor, S.Y.; Tan, T.; Lee, S.C.; Wong, C.I.; Lim, Y.W. ; Lim, R.C.; Wang, L.Z.; Guo, J.Y.; Goh, B.C. ; Fan, L. ; Lee, H.S. 
20-Sep-2005Randomized trial of radiotherapy versus concurrent chemoradiotherapy followed by adjuvant chemotherapy in patients with American Joint Committee on Cancer/International Union Against Cancer stage III and IV nasopharyngeal cancer of the endemic varietyWee, J.; Tan, E.H. ; Tai, B.C. ; Wong, H.B.; Leong, S.S.; Tan, T.; Chua, E.T.; Yang, E.; Lee, K.M.; Fong, K.W.; Tan, H.S.K.; Lee, K.S.; Loong, S.; Sethi, V.; Chua, E.J.; Machin, D.
Sep-2010Risk-adjusted number-between failures charting procedures for monitoring a patient care process for acute myocardial infarctionsGan, F.F. ; Tan, T.
1-May-2000Simulation of a novel glass reactor for dissolved oxygen removal from waterLi, K. ; Tan, T.; Sinha, V.; Teo, W.K. 
1-May-2000Simulation of a novel glass reactor for dissolved oxygen removal from waterLi, K. ; Tan, T.; Sinha, V.; Teo, W.K. 
2002SmartAlbum - A multi-modal photo annotation systemTan, T.; Chen, J.; Mulhem, P.; Kankanhalli, M.