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Oct-2011Clinical and testing protocols for the analysis of epidermal growth factor receptor mutations in East Asian patients with non-small cell lung cancer: A combined clinical-molecular pathological approachSalto-Tellez, M. ; Tsao, M.-S.; Shih, J.-Y.; Thongprasert, S.; Lu, S.; Chang, G.-C.; Au, J.S.-K.; Chou, T.-Y.; Lee, J.-S.; Shi, Y.-K.; Radzi, A.; Kang, J.-H.; Kim, S.-W.; Tan, S.-Y.; Yang, J.C.-H.
2005Dinucleotide microsatellite repeats are essential for the diagnosis of microsatellite instability in colorectal cancer in Asian patientsSalto-Tellez, M. ; Koay, E.S.-C. ; Tan, S.-Y.; Chiu, L.-L.
2006Double immunofluorescence shows coexpression of Bcl-x with GFAP in a variety of glial lesionsTan, K.-B. ; Koh, H.-K.M.; Tan, S.-Y.
2006Expression of Bcl-x in normal skin and benign cutaneous adnexal tumorsThamboo, T.P. ; Tan, L.H.-C. ; Tan, S.-Y.
2008Malignant adenomyoepithelial tumor of the breast: Multi-immunolabeling technique and detailed immunophenotypic studyNga, M.E. ; Lim, K.H.; Tan, S.-Y.; Tan, E.-Y.; Chan, P.; Walford, N.
2006Primary retroperitoneal mucinous cystadenocarcinoma in a male patientThamboo, T.P. ; Sim, R.; Tan, S.-Y.; Yap, W.-M.
2005Randomized trial of alemtuzumab for prevention of graft rejection and preservation of renal function after kidney transplantationVathsala, A.; Ona, E.T.; Casasola, C.B.C.; Danguilan, R.A.; Tan, S.-Y.; Suresh, S.; Wong, H.-C.; Machin, D.; Lou, H.-X.; Chiang, G.S.C.; Calne, R. 
Jul-2012Sun exposure and risk of lymphoid neoplasms in SingaporeWong, K.-Y.; Tai, B.-C. ; Chia, S.-E. ; Kuperan, P.; Lee, K.-M.; Lim, S.-T.; Loong, S.; Mow, B.; Ng, S.-B.; Tan, L.; Tan, S.-Y.; Tan, S.-H.; Tao, M.; Wong, A.; Wong, G.-C.; Seow, A.