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2003A new technique for power-pattern synthesis in time-modulated linear arraysYang, S. ; Gan, Y.B. ; Tan, P.K.
2012A VHF active receiving loop antenna designOng, L.T. ; Tan, P.K.
2013Active receiving antennas for direction findingOng, L.T. ; Tan, P.K.
2004Comparative study of low sidelobe time modulated linear arrays with different time schemesYang, S. ; Can, Y.B.; Tan, P.K.
Jul-2005Design of a uniform amplitude time modulated linear array with optimized time sequencesYang, S.; Gan, Y.B. ; Qing, A. ; Tan, P.K.
9-Feb-2001Development and characterization of an aluminum alloy containing interconnected-wires as reinforcementGanesh, V.V.; Tan, P.K.; Gupta, M. 
Mar-2013DiscographyKumar, N. ; Shah, S.M.; Tan, P.K.
1992Does transurethral laser ureterolithotripsy justify its cost?Esuvaranathan, K. ; Tan, E.C. ; Tan, P.K.; Tung, K.H. 
2008Electromagnetic smart screen for tunable transmission and reflection applicationsLiu, L. ; Matitsine, S.; Tan, P.K.
Jun-2008Electromagnetic smart screen for tunable transmission applicationsLiu, L. ; Matitsine, S. ; Tan, P.K.
20-Jul-2004Evaluation of directivity and gain for time-modulated linear antenna arraysYang, S. ; Gan, Y.B. ; Tan, P.K.
Sep-2004Leader identification and leader selection: Its effect on a swarm's performance for multi-objective design optimization problemsLiew, K.M.; Tan, P.K.; Ray, T. 
May-2005Linear antenna arrays with bidirectional phase center motionYang, S.; Gan, Y.-B. ; Tan, P.K.
Nov-2008Nonhuman primate allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation by intraosseus vs intravenous injection: Engraftment, donor cell distribution, and mechanistic basisFeng, Q.; Chow, P.K.H. ; Frassoni, F.; Phua, C.M.L.; Tan, P.K.; Prasath, A.; Khee Hwang, W.Y.
2005Nonvolatile phase change memory nanocell fabrication by femtosecond laser writing assisted with near-field optical microscopyWang, W.J.; Zhao, R.; Shi, L.P.; Miao, X.S.; Tan, P.K.; Hong, M.H.; Chong, T.C.; Wu, Y.H. ; Lin, Y. 
May-2013Recent progress in some composite materials and structures for specific electromagnetic applicationsKong, L.B.; Li, Z.W. ; Liu, L.; Huang, R. ; Abshinova, M. ; Yang, Z.H. ; Tang, C.B.; Tan, P.K.; Deng, C.R. ; Matitsine, S. 
1998Thermal modeling of phase change optical recording diskShi, L.P. ; Chong, T.C. ; Ho, J.J.; Liu, Z.J. ; Xu, B.X. ; Miao, X.S.; Huang, Y.M.; Tan, P.K.; Lim, K.G.
2006Using probing techniques to identify and study high leakage issues in the development of 90nm process and belowHendarto, E.; Mai, Z.; Tan, P.K.; Lek, A.; Lau, B.; Lam, J.; Chim, W.K.