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27-Dec-2000Attempted suicide and polymorphism of the serotonin transporter gene in Chinese patients with schizophreniaChong, S.-A.; Lee, W.-L.; Tan, C.-H. ; Hou-NgeeTay, A.; Oi-Mei Chan, A.; Tan, E.-C.
Sep-2003Case-control and linkage disequilibrium studies of the tryptophan hydroxylase gene polymorphisms and major depressive disorderTan, E.-C.; Chan, A.O.M.; Tan, C.-H. ; Mahendran, R. ; Wang, A.; Chua, H.-C.
Dec-2004Genetic analysis of the thermolabile methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase variant in schizophrenia and mood disordersTan, E.-C.; Chong, S.-A.; Lim, L.C.C.; Chan, A.O.M.; Teo, Y.-Y.; Tan, C.-H. ; Mahendran, R.
1991Geranyl anthraquinones from the bark of Ploiarium alternifoliumBennett, G.J. ; Harrison, L.J. ; Lim, M.-S.; Sim, K.-Y. ; Tan, E.-C.; Connolly, J.D.
1-Apr-2014Massively parallel sequencing of patients with intellectual disability, congenital anomalies and/or autism spectrum disorders with a targeted gene panelBrett, M.; McPherson, J.; Zang, Z.J.; Lai, A.; Tan, E.-S.; Ng, I.; Ong, L.-C.; Cham, B.; Tan, P. ; Rozen, S. ; Tan, E.-C.
2005Molecular diagnosis of neurogenetic disorders involving trinucleotide repeat expansionsTan, E.-C.; Poh, S.L. 
2003Mu opioid receptor gene polymorphism and neuroleptic-induced tardive dyskinesia in patients with schizophrenia [2]Tan, E.-C.; Teo, Y.-Y.; Chong, S.-A.; Mahendran, R.; Tan, C.H. 
1-Jan-2003Polymorphisms of dopamine receptors and tardive dyskinesia among Chinese patients with schizophreniaChong, S.-A. ; Tan, E.-C.; Tan, C.H. ; Mythily; Chan, Y.H.
2003Polymorphisms of dopamine receptors and tardive dyskinesia among Chinese patients with schizophreniaChong, S.-A.; Mythily; Tan, E.-C.; Tan, C.H. ; Chan, Y.H.
2003Smoking and tardive dyskinesia: Lack of involvement of the CYP1A2 geneChong, S.-A.; Mythily; Tan, E.-C.; Tan, C.H. ; Chong, S.-A.
15-Jul-2001Susceptibility to neuroleptic-induced tardive dyskinesia and the T102C polymorphism in the serotonin type 2A receptorTan, E.-C.; Chong, S.-A.; Mahendran, R.; DONG FANG ; Tan, C.-H.
4-Dec-2000Tardive dyskinesia is not associated with the serotonin gene polymorphism (5-HTTLPR) in ChineseChong, S.-A.; Tan, E.-C.; Tan, C.-H.; Mahendren, R.; Tay, A.H.-N. ; Chua, H.-C.
1-Dec-2003Tumor necrosis factor-α gene promoter polymorphisms in chronic schizophreniaTan, E.-C.; Chong, S.-A.; Tan, C.-H. ; Teo, Y.-Y.; Peng, K.; Mahendran, R.