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1997A comparative study of the distribution of ofloxacin and ciprofloxacin in prostatic tissues after simultaneous oral ingestionPng, J.C.D. ; Tan, E.; Foo, K.T.; Li, M.K.; Cheng, C. ; Rekhraj, I.R.
2005A peer-to-peer architecture for context lookupGu, T.; Tan, E.; Pung, H.K. ; Zhang, D.
2005ARDS in SARS: Cytokine mediators and treatment implicationsSalto-Tellez, M. ; Tan, E.; Lim, B.
May-2006Cutaneous melanin exhibiting fluorescence emission under near-infrared light excitationHuang, Z. ; Zeng, H.; Hamzavi, I.; Alajlan, A.; Tan, E.; McLean, D.I.; Lui, H.
7-Feb-2014Dll4-containing exosomes induce capillary sprout retraction in a 3D microenvironmentSharghi-Namini, S.; Tan, E.; Ong, L.-L.S.; Ge, R. ; Asada, H.H.
2005Ethnic differences in glycaemic control in adult Type 2 diabetic patients in primary care: A 3-year follow-up studyNg, T.-P. ; Goh, L.-G. ; Tan, Y.; Tan, E.; Tay, E.-G.; Leong, H.; Thai, A.-C. 
Aug-2002Evaluating safety performance of road projectsChin, H.-C. ; Tan, E.
5-Sep-2006Exploring an interaction of adenosine A2A receptor variability with coffee and tea intake in Parkinson's diseaseTan, E.K.; Lu, Z.Y.; Fook-Chong, S.M.C.; Tan, E.; Shen, H.; Chua, E.; Yih, Y.; Teo, Y.Y. ; Zhao, Y.
2004Histone H4 histidine kinase displays the expression pattern of a liver oncodevelopmental markerTan, E.; Besant, P.G.; Zu, X.L.; Bogoyevitch, M.A.; Attwood, P.V.; Yeoh, G.C.; Turck, C.W.; Lim, S.G. 
Sep-2013Identification of molecular subtypes of gastric cancer with different responses to pi3-kinase inhibitors and 5-fluorouracilLei, Z.; Tan, I.B.; Das, K. ; Deng, N. ; Zouridis, H.; Pattison, S.; Chua, C.; Feng, Z.; Guan, Y.K.; Ooi, C.H. ; Ivanova, T.; Zhang, S.; Lee, M.; Wu, J.; Ngo, A.; Manesh, S.; Tan, E.; Teh, B.T.; So, J.B.Y.; Goh, L.K. ; Boussioutas, A.; Lim, T.K.H.; Flotow, H.; Tan, P. ; Rozen, S.G. 
28-Nov-2008Impact of different Asian ethnic groups on correlation between heparin dose, activated clotting time and complications in percutaneous coronary interventionLee, C.-H.; Tan, E.; Wong, H.-B.; Tay, E.; Tan, H.-C. 
2002Implementing CSAT local search on FPGAsHenz, M. ; Tan, E.; Yap, R.H.C. 
Feb-1998Internalization of Aeromonas hydrophila by fish epithelial cells can be inhibited with a tyrosine kinase inhibitorTan, E.; Low, K.W. ; Wong, W.S.F.; Leung, K.Y. 
Aug-2011Nephrinuria associates with multiple renal traits in type 2 diabetesNg, D.P.K. ; Tai, B.-C. ; Tan, E.; Leong, H.; Nurbaya, S.; Lim, X.-L.; Chia, K.-S. ; Wong, C.-S. ; Lim, W.-Y. ; Holthöfer, H.
1-Feb-2000Observation of species distribution in laser induced plasmaAn, C.W.; Lu, Y.F. ; Goh, Y.W.; Tan, E.
1-Feb-2000Observation of species distribution in laser induced plasmaAn, C.W.; Lu, Y.F. ; Goh, Y.W.; Tan, E.
Jan-2014Prevalence and risk factors of renal artery stenosis in South Asian patients with type 2 diabetes using renal angiographyTan, E.; Debajyoti, R.; Sharma, S.; Bhatia, R.D.; Barbier, S.; Khoo, J.; Ng, J. 
Jul-2009Structure and inhibition of the SARS coronavirus envelope protein ion channelPervushin, K.; Tan, E.; Parthasarathy, K.; Lin, X.; Jiang, F.L.; Yu, D.; Vararattanavech, A.; Tuck, W.S. ; Ding, X.L.; Torres, J.
15-Jul-2013The small GTPase HRas shapes local PI3K signals through positive feedback and regulates persistent membrane extension in migrating fibroblastsThevathasan, J.V.; Tan, E.; Zheng, H. ; Lin, Y.-C.; Li, Y.; Inoue, T.; Fivaz, M.
13-Jul-2012The small hydrophobic protein of the human respiratory syncytial virus forms pentameric ion channelsGan, S.-W.; Tan, E.; Lin, X.; Yu, D.; Wang, J.; Tan, G.M.-Y.; Vararattanavech, A.; Yeo, C.Y.; Soon, C.H.; Soong, T.W. ; Pervushin, K.; Torres, J.