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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2012A concise, efficient synthesis of sugar-based benzothiazoles through chemoselective intramolecular C-S couplingShen, C.; Xia, H.; Yan, H.; Chen, X.; Ranjit, S.; Xie, X.; Tan, D.; Lee, R.; Yang, Y.; Xing, B.; Huang, K.-W.; Zhang, P.; Liu, X. 
Oct-2011A novel mutation in transforming growth factor-beta induced protein (TGFβIp) reveals secondary structure perturbation in lattice corneal dystrophyLakshminarayanan, R.; Vithana, E.N.; Chai, S.-M.; Chaurasia, S.S.; Saraswathi, P.; Venkatraman, A.; Rojare, C.; Venkataraman, D.; Tan, D.; Aung, T.; Beuerman, R.W.; Mehta, J.S. 
Mar-2004Anisometropia in Singapore school childrenTong, L.; Saw, S.-M. ; Chia, K.-S. ; Tan, D.
2005Association between breastfeeding and likelihood of myopia in childrenChong, Y.-S. ; Liang, Y.; Tan, D.; Gazzard, G.; Stone, R.A.; Saw, S.-M. 
Feb-2012Atropine for the treatment of childhood Myopia: Safety and efficacy of 0.5%, 0.1%, and 0.01% doses (Atropine for the Treatment of Myopia 2)Chia, A.; Chua, W.-H.; Cheung, Y.-B. ; Wong, W.-L.; Lingham, A.; Fong, A.; Tan, D.
Apr-2009Automated protein distribution detection in high-throughput image-based siRNA library screensLaw, Y.N.; Ogg, S.; Common, J.; Tan, D.; Lane, E.B.; Yip, A.M. ; Lee, H.K.
Oct-2010Biological and ultrastructural properties of acelagraft, a freeze-dried γ-irradiated human amniotic membraneLim, L.S.; Poh, R.W.Y.; Riau, A.K.; Beuerman, R.W.; Tan, D.; Mehta, J.S. 
Apr-2012Catalytic diastereoselective tandem conjugate addition-elimination reaction of Morita-Baylis-Hillman C adducts by C-C bond cleavageYang, W.; Tan, D.; Lee, R.; Li, L.; Pan, Y.; Huang, K.-W.; Tan, C.-H. ; Jiang, Z.
2014Clinical profiles of multiple myeloma in asia-an asian myeloma network studyKim, K.; Lee, J.H.; Kim, J.S.; Min, C.K.; Yoon, S.S.; Shimizu, K.; Chou, T.; Kosugi, H.; Suzuki, K.; Chen, W.; Hou, J.; Lu, J.; Huang, X.-J.; Huang, S.-Y.; Chng, W.J. ; Tan, D.; Teoh, G.; Chim, C.S.; Nawarawong, W.; Siritanaratkul, N.; Durie, B.G.
Aug-2009cMET and Refractive Error Progression in ChildrenKhor, C.C.; Grignani, R.; Ng, D.P.K. ; Toh, K.Y.; Chia, K.-S. ; Tan, D.; Goh, D.L.M.; Saw, S.-M. 
Jan-2011Comparison of candidate materials for a synthetic osteo-odonto keratoprosthesis deviceTan, X.W.; Perera, A.P.P.; Tan, A.; Tan, D.; Khor, K.A.; Beuerman, R.W.; Mehta, J.S. 
22-Mar-2013Comparison of corneal sensitivity, tear function and corneal staining following laser in situ keratomileusis with two femtosecond laser platformsPetznick, A.; Chew, A.; Hall, R.C.; Chan, C.M.L.; Rosman, M.; Tan, D.; Tong, L. ; Mehta, J.S. 
Dec-2005Comparisons of the handheld autorefractor, table-mounted autorefractor, and subjective refraction in Singapore adultsFarook, M.; Venkatramani, J.; Gazzard, G.; Cheng, A.; Tan, D.; Seang-Mei, S. 
Sep-2008Cornea biomechanical characteristics and their correlates with refractive error in Singaporean childrenLim, L.; Gazzard, G.; Chan, Y.-H.; Fong, A.; Kotecha, A.; Sim, E.-L.; Tan, D.; Tong, L.; Saw, S.-M. 
Nov-2008Corneal biomechanics, thickness and optic disc morphology in children with optic disc tiltLim, L.; Gazzard, G.; Chan, Y.-H.; Fong, A.; Kotecha, A.; Sim, E.-L.; Tan, D.; Tong, L.; Saw, S.-M. 
Jul-2011Corneal graft survival and intraocular pressure control after descemet stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty in eyes with pre-existing glaucomaQuek, D.T.; Wong, T.; Tan, D.; Mehta, J.S. 
Nov-2004Corneal thickness determination and correlates in Singaporean schoolchildrenTong, L.; Saw, S.-M. ; Siak, J.-K.; Gazzard, G.; Tan, D.
Jan-2014Cost-effectiveness of osteo-odonto keratoprosthesis in SingaporeDong, D.; Tan, A.; Mehta, J.S. ; Tan, D.; Finkelstein, E.A.
2009Determination of Affinity Constant from Microfluidic Binding AssayTan, D.; Roy, P. 
Dec-2010Development of vancomycin-capped β-CD-bonded silica particles as chiral stationary phase for LCZhao, J.; Thamarai Chelvi, S.K.; Tan, D.; Yong, E.L.; Lee, H.K. ; Gong, Y.