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Mar-2007A 1-year study to compare the efficacy and safety of once-daily travoprost 0.004%/timolol 0.5% to once-daily latanoprost 0.005%/timolol 0.5% in patients with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertensionTopouzis, F.; Melamed, S.; Danesh-Meyer, H.; Wells, A.P.; Kozobolis, V.; Wieland, H.; Andrew, R.; Wells, D.; Kozobolis, V.P.; Maskaleris, G.; Detorakis, E.; Anastasopoulos, E.; Pappas, T.; Kandarakis, A.; Koutroumanos, J.; Aspiotis, M.; Pappa, C.; Vaikoussis, E.; Paschalidis, T.; Bournas, P.; Kazatzis, N.; Goldberg, I.; Graham, S.; Healey, P.; Rait, J.L.; Bank, A.; Healey, P.R.; Crowston, J.; Guzowski, M.; Covar, R.; Lee, A.; Jen-Wan; Azar, D.; Stadion, P.; Lizin, F.; De Groot, V.; Schraepen, P.; Reyntjens, B.; Kestelyn-Stevens, A.-M.; Witters, F.; Teesalu, P.; Kuus, I.; Oll, M.; Aamer, U.; Alas, E.; Pastak, M.; Delbosc, B.Y.C.; Gerstenberger, A.; Jungmann, P.; Hamacher, L.T.; Hellmair, U.; Bayer, A.U.M.; Foerster, W.; Christ, T.; Reibaldi, A.; Uva, M.; Longo, A.; Lombardo, D.; Trimarchi, F.; Milano, G.; Clemente, A.; Rossi, M.G.; Scatassi, I.; Montemurro, F.; Grignolo, F.M.; Brogliatti, B.; Rolle, T.; Favero, C.; Giacosa, E.; Fornero, A.; Melamed, S.; Goldenfeld, M.; Verbin, H.; Vilner, Z.; Knaan, R.; Moroz, I.; Geyer, O.; Segev, E.; Kurtz, S.; Neudorfer, M.; Shemesh, G.; Zayit, S.; Volksone, L.; Karlsone, L.; Laganovska, G.; Baumane, K.; Egite, I.; Januleviciene, I.; Kuzmiene, L.; Danesh-Meyer, H.; Wells, A.P.; Riley, A.; Bedggood, A.; Long, H.; Ashraff, N.; Abrantes, P.A.L.; Reina, M.; Silva, J.P.; Ilharco, J.; Chew, P.T.K. ; Thean, L.; Lim, B.A.; Manuel, J.; Loon, S.C.; Tan, C.; Yeong, S.M.; Seah, S.K.L.; Oen, F.; Husain, R.; Hoh, S.T.; Tin, A.; Sánchez, J.G.; Feijoo, J.G.; De La Casa, J.M.M.; Gómez, A.C.; López, F.M.H.; Llorens, V.P.; Júlvez, L.P.; Martínez, M.L.G.; Póvez, J.M.L.; Arias-Puente, A.; Carrasco, C.; Del Carmen, M.; García, Y.; Alba, A.; Gurdiel, E.; Dorronzoro, E.; Muniesa, M.J.; Lu, D.-W.; Clearkin, L.G.; Patwala, Y.
15-Jun-2012A two-step target binding and selectivity support vector machines approach for virtual screening of dopamine receptor subtype-selective ligandsZhang, J.; Han, B.; Wei, X.; Tan, C.; Chen, Y. ; Jiang, Y.
Oct-2012Analysis of bypass signaling in EGFR pathway and profiling of bypass genes for predicting response to anticancer EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitorsZhang, J.; Jia, J.; Zhu, F. ; Ma, X. ; Han, B.; Wei, X.; Tan, C.; Jiang, Y.; Chen, Y. 
6-Dec-2004Analysis of MDR1 haplotypes in Parkinson's disease in a white populationTan, E.-K.; Drozdzik, M.; Bialecka, M.; Honczarenko, K.; Klodowska-Duda, G.; Teo, Y.Y.; Tang, K.; Wong, L.-P.; Chong, S.S. ; Tan, C.; Yew, K.; Zhao, Y.; Lee, C.G.L. 
8-Mar-2011Angiopoietin-like 4 Protein Elevates the Prosurvival Intracellular O2-:H2O2 Ratio and Confers Anoikis Resistance to TumorsZhu, P.; Tan, M.; Huang, R.-L.; Tan, C.; Chong, H.; Pal, M.; Lam, C.; Boukamp, P.; Pan, J.; Tan, S.; Kersten, S.; Li, H.; Ding, J. ; Tan, N.
Aug-2013Cholic acid-functionalized nanoparticles of star-shaped PLGA-vitamin E TPGS copolymer for docetaxel delivery to cervical cancerZeng, X.; Tao, W.; Mei, L.; Huang, L.; Tan, C.; Feng, S.-S. 
2013Classification of marine organisms in underwater images using CQ-HMAX biologically inspired color approachJalali, S.; Seekings, P.J. ; Tan, C.; Tan, H.Z.W.; Lim, J.-H.; Taylor, E.A.
2-Aug-2011Clustered patterns of species origins of nature-derived drugs and clues for future bioprospectingZhu, F. ; Qin, C.; Tao, L.; Liu, X.; Shi, Z.; Ma, X. ; Jia, J.; Tan, Y.; Cui, C.; Lin, J.; Tan, C.; Jiang, Y.; Chen, Y. 
1992Coronary artery bypass grafting in patients with left main coronary artery stenosis. Improved survival in a predominantly Oriental populationLee, C.N. ; Sim, E.K.W. ; Adebo, O.A.; Lim, L.C.; Lim, Y.G.; Tan, C.
Mar-2001Detection of nodavirus in barramundi, Lates calcarifer (Bloch), using recombinant coat protein-based ELISA and RT-PCRHuang, B.; Tan, C.; Chang, S.F.; Munday, B.; Mathew, J.A.; Ngoh, G.H.; Kwang, J. 
23-Nov-2012Development and experimental test of support vector machines virtual screening method for searching Src inhibitors from large compound librariesHan, B.; Ma, X. ; Zhao, R.; Zhang, J.; Wei, X.; Liu, X.; Liu, X.; Zhang, C.; Tan, C.; Jiang, Y.; Chen, Y. 
2014Disability impacts length of stay in general internal medicine patientsTan, C.; Ng, Y.S. ; Koh, G.C.H.; De Silva, D.A. ; Earnest, A. ; Barbier, S.
1-Aug-2011Discovery of benzimidazole derivatives as novel multi-target EGFR, VEGFR-2 and PDGFR kinase inhibitorsLi, Y.; Tan, C.; Gao, C.; Zhang, C.; Luan, X.; Chen, X.; Liu, H.; Chen, Y. ; Jiang, Y.
Mar-2005Effect of MDR1 haplotype on risk of Parkinson diseaseTan, E.-K.; Chan, D.K.-Y.; Ng, P.-W.; Woo, J.; Teo, Y.Y.; Tang, K.; Wong, L.-P.; Chong, S.S. ; Tan, C.; Shen, H.; Zhao, Y.; Lee, C.G.L. 
1998Effect of nickel chloride on mouse T-lymphocyte subsetsLi, D.; Ong, C.N. ; Ng, V. ; Tan, C.
2008Empathetic living mediaCheok, A.D. ; Kok, R.T.; Tan, C.; Fernando, O.N.N. ; Merritt, T.; Sen, J.Y.P.
2010Endoscopic total extraperitoneal repair of recurrent inguinal hernia: a 5-year reviewGoo, T.T.; Lawenko, M.; Cheah, W.K. ; Tan, C.; Lomanto, D. 
1997Environmental and biological monitoring of organochlorine residues after the plague epidemic in Surat, India - A preliminary studyLuo, X.W.; Ong, H.Y.; Tan, C.; Foo, S.C. ; Ong, C.N. 
May-2004Ethnic differences in utilization of invasive cardiac procedures and in long-term survival following acute myocardial infarctionMak, K.-H.; Kark, J.D.; Chia, K.-S. ; Tan, C.; Foong, B.-H.; Chew, S.-K.
Apr-2011Exploration of (S)-3-aminopyrrolidine as a potentially interesting scaffold for discovery of novel Abl and PI3K dual inhibitorsZhang, C.; Tan, C.; Zu, X.; Zhai, X.; Liu, F.; Chu, B.; Ma, X. ; Chen, Y. ; Gong, P.; Jiang, Y.