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2010Assessment of fibrotic liver disease with multimodal nonlinear optical microscopyLu, F. ; Zheng, W. ; Lin, J.; Huang, Z. ; Tai, D.C.S.; Yu, H. 
2008Automated algorithm for standardized quantification on liver fibrosis using second harmonic generation microscopyTai, D.C.S.; Tan, N.; Chia, S.M. ; Xu, S.Y.; Kang, C.H.; Yu, H. 
2009Fibro-C-Index: Comprehensive, morphology-based quantification of liver fibrosis using second harmonic generation and two-photon microscopyTai, D.C.S.; Tan, N.; Xu, S.; Kang, C.H.; Chia, S.M. ; Cheng, C.L.; Wee, A.; Wei, C.L.; Raja, A.M.; Xiao, G.; Chang, S.; Rajapakse, J.C.; So, P.T.C.; Tang, H.-H.; Chen, C.S.; Yu, H. 
2011Multimodal nonlinear optical imaging of obesity-induced liver steatosis and fibrosisLin, J.; Lu, F. ; Zheng, W. ; Tai, D.C.S.; Yu, H. ; Sheppard, C. ; Huang, Z. 
Sep-2010Pulse-modulated second harmonic imaging microscope quantitatively demonstrates marked increase of collagen in tumor after chemotherapyRaja, A.M.; Xu, S.; Sun, W.; Zhou, J. ; Tai, D.C.S.; Chen, C.-S.; Rajapakse, J.C.; So, P.T.C.; Yu, H. 
2008Standardized quantification for liver fibrosis assessment using second harmonic generation microscopyTai, D.C.S.; Xu, S.Y.; Kang, C.H.; Tan, N.; Chia, S.M. ; Cheng, C.L.; Yu, H. 
Sep-2010Toward surface quantification of liver fibrosis progressionHe, Y.; Raja, A.M.; Kang, C.H.; Peng, Q.; Xu, S.; So, P.T.C.; Tuo, X.; Rajapakse, J.C.; Trasti, S.; Welsch, R.; Tai, D.C.S.; Yu, H.