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2010Addendum to "Exosome secreted by MSC reduces myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury" [Stem Cell Research 4 (2010) 214-222] (DOI:10.1016/j.scr.2009.12.003)Lai, R.C.; Chen, T.S.; Lim, S.K. ; Arslan, F.; Timmers, L.; Pasterkamp, G.; de, Kleijn D.P.V.; Lee, M.M.; CHOO BOON HWA,ANDRE ; Sze, S.K.; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Lee, C.N. ; El, Oakley R.M. 
Sep-2010Addendum to Exosome secreted by MSC reduces myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury [Stem Cell Research, 4, (2010), 214-222]Lai, R.C.; Arslan, F.; Lee, M.M.; Sze, S.K.; CHOO BOON HWA,ANDRE ; Chen, T.S.; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Timmers, L.; Lee, C.N.; El Oakley, R.M.; Pasterkamp, G.; de Kleijn, D.P.V.; Lim, S.K. 
22-Oct-2010Angiopoietin-like 4 interacts with matrix proteins to modulate wound healingGoh, Y.Y.; Pal, M.; Chong, H.C.; Zhu, P.; Tan, M.J.; Punugu, L.; Tan, C.K.; Huang, R.-L.; Sze, S.K.; Tang, M.B.Y.; Ding, J.L. ; Kersten, S.; Tan, N.S.
12-Aug-2013Design and synthesis of minimalist terminal alkyne-containing diazirine photo-crosslinkers and their incorporation into kinase inhibitors for cell- and tissue-based proteome profilingLi, Z.; Hao, P.; Li, L. ; Tan, C.Y.J.; Cheng, X.; Chen, G.Y.J. ; Sze, S.K.; Shen, H.-M. ; Yao, S.Q. 
2007Elucidating the secretion proteome of human embryonic stem cell-derived mesenchymal stem cellsSze, S.K.; de, Kleijn D.P.V.; Tan, E.K.W.; Yeo, K.S.; Lian, Q. ; Lim, S.-K. ; Low, T.Y.; Mitchell, W.; Lai, R.C.; Zhao, H.; Lee, C.N. ; El, Oakley R.M. 
May-2011Human mesenchymal stem cell-conditioned medium improves cardiac function following myocardial infarctionTimmers, L.; Lim, S.K. ; Hoefer, I.E.; Arslan, F.; Lai, R.C.; van Oorschot, A.A.M.; Goumans, M.J.; Strijder, C.; Sze, S.K.; Choo, A.; Piek, J.J.; Doevendans, P.A.; Pasterkamp, G.; de Kleijn, D.P.V.
Mar-2010Local atherosclerotic plaques are a source of prognostic biomarkers for adverse cardiovascular eventsDe Kleijn, D.P.V.; Moll, F.L.; Hellings, W.E.; Ozsarlak-Sozer, G.; De Bruin, P.; Doevendans, P.A.; Vink, A.; Catanzariti, L.M.; Schoneveld, A.H.; Algra, A.; Daemen, M.J.; Biessen, E.A.; De Jager, W.; Zhang, H.; De Vries, J.-P.; Falk, E.; Lim, S.K. ; Van Der Spek, P.J.; Sze, S.K.; Pasterkamp, G.
2-Jul-2012Parasite-based screening and proteome profiling reveal orlistat, an FDA-approved drug, as a potential anti Trypanosoma brucei agentYang, P.-Y.; Wang, M.; Liu, K.; Ngai, M.H. ; Sheriff, O.; Lear, M.J. ; Sze, S.K.; He, C.Y. ; Yao, S.Q. 
1-Oct-2014Plasma biomarker discovery in preeclampsia using a novel differential isolation technology for circulating extracellular vesiclesHian Tan, K. ; Sim Tan, S.; Sze, S.K.; Ryan Lee, W.K.; Jack Ng, M.; Kiang Lim, S.
28-Oct-2011Proteome profiling reveals potential cellular targets of staurosporine using a clickable cell-permeable probeShi, H.; Cheng, X.; Sze, S.K.; Yao, S.Q. 
15-Nov-2013Small molecule probe suitable for in situ profiling and inhibition of protein disulfide isomeraseGe, J.; Zhang, C.-J.; Li, L. ; Chong, L.M.; Wu, X.; Hao, P.; Sze, S.K.; Yao, S.Q. 
7-Mar-2012Structure of a novel phosphotyrosine-binding domain in Hakai that targets E-cadherinMukherjee, M.; Chow, S.Y.; Yusoff, P.; Seetharaman, J.; Ng, C.; Sinniah, S.; Koh, X.W.; Asgar, N.F.M.; Li, D.; Yim, D.; Jackson, R.A.; Yew, J.; Qian, J.; Iyu, A.; Lim, Y.P. ; Zhou, X. ; Sze, S.K.; Guy, G.R.; Sivaraman, J.