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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201360-GHz end-fire fan-like antennas with wide beamwidthSun, M.; Qing, X.; Chen, Z.N. 
2004Adaptive repetitive learning control of servo mechanismsSun, M.; Ge, S.S. 
1999An iterative learning controller with initial state learningChen, Y. ; Wen, C.; Gong, Z.; Sun, M.
6-Jun-2005Appropriate quantization of asymmetric games with continuous strategiesQin, G.; Chen, X.; Sun, M.; Zhou, X.; Du, J. 
28-Jan-2013CO2-triggered fluorescence "turn-on" response of perylene diimide-containing poly(N,N-dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate)Xu, L.Q.; Zhang, B.; Sun, M.; Hong, L. ; Neoh, K.-G. ; Kang, E.-T. ; Fu, G.D.
2010Continuous Wave Terahertz Photomixer from low temperature grown GaAs with high carrier mobilityTanoto, H.; Wu, Q.Y.; Teng, J.H.; Sun, M.; Chen, Z.N.; Htoo, T. ; Chua, S.J. ; Lampin, J.F.; Gokarna, A.; Dogheche, E.
12-Nov-2003Decreased Anxiety, Altered Place Learning, and Increased CA1 Basal Excitatory Synaptic Transmission in Mice with Conditional Ablation of the Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule L1Law, J.W.S.; Lee, A.Y.W. ; Sun, M.; Nikonenko, A.G.; Chung, S.K.; Dityatev, A.; Schachner, M.; Morellini, F.
2015Fluorescence signaling of hydrogen sulfide in broad ph range using a copper complex based on binol-benzimidazole ligandsSun, M.; Yu, H.; Li, H.; Xu, H.; Huang, D. ; Wang, S.
2013Gain enhancement of 60-GHz antipodal tapered slot antenna using zero-index metamaterialSun, M.; Chen, Z.N. ; Qing, X.
Feb-2012Greatly enhanced continuous-wave terahertz emission by nano-electrodes in a photoconductive photomixerTanoto, H.; Teng, J.H.; Wu, Q.Y.; Sun, M.; Chen, Z.N.; Maier, S.A.; Wang, B.; Chum, C.C.; Si, G.Y.; Danner, A.J. ; Chua, S.J. 
1998High-order iterative learning identification of projectile's aerodynamic drag coefficient curve from radar measured velocity dataChen, Y. ; Wen, C.; Xu, J.-X. ; Sun, M.
9-May-2005Identification of three duplicated Spin genes in medaka (Oryzias latipes)Wang, X.-L.; Mei, J.; Sun, M.; Hong, Y.-H. ; Gui, J.-F.
Jun-2011Impacts of the pendant functional groups of cellulose precursor on the generation of pore structures of activated carbonsSun, M.; Hong, L. 
25-Sep-2013Influence of the interfacial phase on the structural integrity and oxygen permeability of a dual-phase membraneSun, M.; Chen, X.; Hong, L. 
2009Integrated 60-GHz LTCC circularly polarized antenna arraySun, M.; Guo, Y.X. ; Karim, M.F.; Ong, L.C.
Aug-2011Integration of circular polarized array and LNA in LTCC as a 60-GHz active receiving antennaSun, M.; Zhang, Y.-Q.; Guo, Y.-X. ; Karim, M.F.; Chuen, O.L.; Leong, M.S. 
2009Integration of grid array antenna in chip package for highly integrated 60-GHz radiosSun, M.; Zhang, Y.P.; Guo, Y.X. ; Chua, K.M.; Wai, L.L.
Jul-2011Integration of SiP-based 60-GHz 4 × 4 antenna array with CMOS OOK transmitter and LNAKarim, M.F.; Guo, Y.-X. ; Sun, M.; Brinkhoff, J.; Ong, L.C.; Kang, K.; Lin, F.
Jul-2011Integration of SiP-based 60-GHz 4 × 4 antenna array with CMOS OOK transmitter and LNAKarim, M.F.; Guo, Y.-X. ; Sun, M.; Brinkhoff, J.; Ong, L.C.; Kang, K.; Lin, F.
2014Leveraging the A-site Ba2+-Sr2+ ratio in the designated perovskite to enhance oxygen transport and structural/interfacial stabilitySun, M.; Chen, X.; Hong, L.