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1-Dec-2009Alignment-free sequence comparison (I): Statistics and powerReinert, G.; Chew, D. ; Sun, F.; Waterman, M.S.
1-Jan-2012Approaches to achieve broadband optical transformation devices with transmuted singularityMa, Y. ; Sun, F.; Zhang, Y.; Jin, Y.; Ong, C. 
2005Efficient and stable numerical methods for the generalized and vector Zakharov systemBao, W. ; Sun, F.
2006Existence and non-existence of global solutions for a higher-order semilinear parabolic systemPang, P.Y.H. ; Sun, F.; Wang, M.
16-Sep-2013Experimentally demonstrated a unidirectional electromagnetic cloak designed by topology optimizationLan, L.; Sun, F.; Liu, Y.; Ong, C.K. ; Ma, Y.
21-Jul-2004Fabrication of large-scale zinc oxide ordered pore arrays with controllable morphologyCao, B.; Cai, W.; Sun, F.; Li, Y.; Lei, Y. ; Zhang, L.
Jan-2004Geometric Control of Fibroblast Growth on Proton Beam-Micromachined ScaffoldsSun, F.; Casse, D. ; Van Kan, J.A. ; Ge, R. ; Watt, F. 
Mar-2004Morphology-controlled growth of large-area two-dimensional ordered pore arraysSun, F.; Cai, W.; Li, Y.; Cao, B.; Lei, Y. ; Zhang, L.
2012Novel polymorphic microsatellites from Florida red tilapia and cross-species amplification in Mozambique and Nile tilapiaSandeep, M.; Sun, F.; Liu, F. ; Li, J.; David, P.B.; Yue, G.H.
1-Sep-2003Numerical methods for the generalized Zakharov systemBao, W. ; Sun, F.; Wei, G.W.
2012Optimizing social image search with multiple criteria: Relevance, diversity, and typicalitySun, F.; Wang, M. ; Wang, D.; Wang, X.
Jan-2014Selective estrogen receptor modulator effects of epimedium extracts on breast cancer and uterine growth in nude miceIndran, I.R.; Zhang, S.-J.; Zhang, Z.W.; Sun, F.; Gong, Y. ; Wang, X.; Li, J.; Erdelmeier, C.A.J.; Koch, E.; Yong, E.L.