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2014Abnormalities of cortical thickness, subcortical shapes, and white matter integrity in subcortical vascular cognitive impairmentJin Thong, J.Y.; Du, J.; Ratnarajah, N.; Dong, Y.; Soon, H.W.; Saini, M.; Tan, M.Z.; Tuan Ta, A.; Chen, C.; Qiu, A. 
Nov-2013Association of silent lacunar infarct with brain atrophy and cognitive impairmentThong, J.Y.J.; Hilal, S.; Wang, Y.; Soon, H.W.; Dong, Y.; Collinson, S.L.; Anh, T.T.; Ikram, M.K.; Wong, T.Y. ; Venketasubramanian, N.; Chen, C.; Qiu, A. 
2008Design of a high speed pseudo-random bit sequence based time resolved single photon counter on FPGATian, H.; Fernando, S. ; Soon, H.W.; Ha, Y. ; Chen, N. 
1-May-2012Multi-stage segmentation of white matter hyperintensity, cortical and lacunar infarctsWang, Y.; Catindig, J.A.; Hilal, S.; Soon, H.W.; Ting, E.; Wong, T.Y. ; Venketasubramanian, N.; Chen, C.; Qiu, A. 
18-Aug-2008Pseudo-random single photon counting for time-resolved optical measurementZhang, Q.; Soon, H.W.; Tian, H.; Fernando, S. ; Ha, Y. ; Chen, N.G. 
2010Ultra storage-efficient time digitizer for pseudorandom single photon counter implemented on a field-programmable gate arrayTian, H.; Fernando, S. ; Soon, H.W.; Qiang, Z.; Zhang, C.; Ha, Y. ; Chen, N. 
Jun-2011Volume reduction in subcortical regions according to severity of Alzheimer's diseaseRoh, J.H.; Qiu, A. ; Seo, S.W.; Soon, H.W.; Kim, J.H.; Kim, G.H.; Kim, M.-J.; Lee, J.-M.; Na, D.L.