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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2014A framework for assessing product End-Of-Life performance: Reviewing the state of the art and proposing an innovative approach using an End-of-Life IndexLee, H.M.; Lu, W.F. ; Song, B.
2007A framework for integrated manufacturing and product service system: Integrating service operations into product life cycleLee, H.M.; Lu, W.F. ; Song, B.; Shen, Z.; Yang, Z.; Gay, R.K.L.
2007An intelligent information system for enabling product mass customizationLiu, H.; Ng, W.-K.; Song, B.; Li, X.; Lu, W.-F. 
2006ARCS: An aggregated related column scoring scheme for aligned sequencesSong, B.; Chen, G.; Szymanski, J.; Zhang, G.-Q.; Tung, A.K.H. ; Kang, J.; Kim, S.; Yang, J.
2008Automating knowledge acquisition for constraint-based product configurationHuang, Y.; Liu, H.; Ng, W.K.; Lu, W. ; Song, B.; Li, X.
2007Deriving configuration knowledge and evaluating product variants through intelligent techniquesLiu, H.; Huang, Y.; Ng, W.-K.; Song, B.; Li, X.; Lu, W.-F. 
Sep-2012Electrochemical property of LiMn2O4 in over-discharged conditionsFeng, J. ; Song, B.; Lai, M.O. ; Lu, L. ; Zeng, X.; Huang, Z.
2007Enabling mass customization through semantic Web servicesLiu, H.; Ng, W.-K.; Song, B.; Li, X.; Lu, W.-F. 
22-Jan-2014Fe3O4 Nanoparticles embedded in uniform mesoporous carbon spheres for superior High-rate battery applicationsChen, Y.; Song, B.; Li, M. ; Lu, L. ; Xue, J. 
Jan-1999Four-point interpolation schemes for convective fluxes approximationSong, B.; Liu, G.R. ; Lam, K.Y. ; Amano, R.S.
14-Sep-2013Graphene-based surface modification on layered Li-rich cathode for high-performance Li-ion batteriesSong, B.; Lai, M.O. ; Liu, Z.; Liu, H.; Lu, L. 
31-Oct-2013High rate capability caused by surface cubic spinels in Li-rich layer-structured cathodes for Li-ion batteriesSong, B.; Liu, H.; Liu, Z.; Xiao, P.; Lai, M.O.; Lu, L. 
6-Jan-2014Improving green product design with closed-loop product recovery informationNg, Y.T.; Lu, W.F. ; Song, B.
1-Oct-2012Influence of Ru substitution on Li-rich 0.55Li 2MnO 3·0.45LiNi 1/3Co 1/3Mn 1/3O 2 cathode for Li-ion batteriesSong, B.; Lai, M.O. ; Lu, L. 
2007Integrating knowledge maps in design process configurations for concurrently engineered product developmentYang, Q.; Song, B.; Lu, W.F. ; Zhang, Y.
2013Li-rich thin film cathode prepared by pulsed laser depositionYan, B.; Liu, J.; Song, B.; Xiao, P.; Lu, L. 
Feb-2007Mass production of tooling product families via modular feature-based design to manufacturing collaboration in PLMMing, X.G.; Yan, J.Q.; Lu, W.F. ; Ma, D.Z.; Song, B.
6-Jan-2014Methodology for an integrated life cycle approach to design for environmentLow, J.S.C.; Lu, W.F. ; Song, B.
2012Methodology for modelling the eco-efficiency of closed-loop product life cyclesLow, J.S.C.; Lu, W.F. ; Lee, H.M.; Song, B.
1998On computations of complex turbulent flow by using non-linear k-ω modelSong, B.; Liu, G.R. ; Lam, K.Y. ; Amano, R.S.