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21-Apr-2008Ferroelectric and piezoelectric behaviour of rhombohedral ferroelectric single crystal subjected to anisotropic polingSong, Y.C.; Soh, A.K.; Lu, L. 
Apr-2010Influence of dipole defects on polarization switching in the vicinity of a crack in relaxor ferroelectricsZhao, X.F.; Soh, A.K.; Li, L. ; Liu, J.X.
2009Influence of size-dependent electrostatic energy on the ferroelectric nanodot domain structure by phase field methodHong, L.; Soh, A.K.; Liu, S.Y.; Lu, L. 
Aug-2008Interface and surface effects on ferroelectric nano-thin filmsHong, L.; Soh, A.K.; Song, Y.C.; Lim, L.C. 
2009Structure characterization of amorphous CoxGd1-x nanowires and magnetic properties of their arraysLiu, S.Y.; Soh, A.K.; Hong, L.; Lu, L. 
2009Tetragonal micro/nanotwins in 0.91Pb (Zn1/3Nb 2/3)O3 - 0.09 PbTiO3 revealed by reciprocal space mappingChang, W.S. ; Lim, L.C. ; Yang, P. ; Miao, H.; Tu, C.-S.; Chen, Q.; Soh, A.K.
Feb-2010The behavior of electrodeposited nanocrystalline Co-Ni alloys subjected to magnetic and stress fieldsHu, R.L.; Soh, A.K.; Lu, L. ; Tam, P.L.; Li, K.Y.
15-Mar-2007Thickness dependence of electrical properties in (0 0 1) oriented lead zirconate titanate films by laser ablationZhu, T.J. ; Lu, L. ; Lai, M.O. ; Soh, A.K.
2009Vortex structure transformation of BaTiO3 nanoparticles through the gradient functionHong, L.; Soh, A.K.; Liu, S.Y.; Lu, L.