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1973Hepatitis B antigenemia, specific immune deficiency and hepatocellular carcinomaSimons, M.J.; Yu, M.; Shanmugaratnam, K. 
1979Histopathology of nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Correlations with epidemiology, survival rates and other biological characteristicsShanmugaratnam, K. ; Chan, S.H. ; De-The, G.; Goh, J.E.; Khor, T.H.; Simons, M.J.; Tye, C.Y.
1983HLA and nasopharyngeal carcinoma in Chinese: A further studyChan, S.H. ; Day, N.E.; Kunaratnam, N.; Chia, K.B.; Simons, M.J.
1980HLA antigen in Chinese patients with hepatocellular carcinomasChan, S.H. ; Simons, M.J.; Oon, C.J.
1979HLA antigens in three common populations in South East Asia - Chinese, Malay and FilipinoChan, S.H. ; Wee, G.B.; Srinivasan, N.; Glen, S.P.; Cheng, P.; Vengadasalam, D.; Alano, F.A.; Simons, M.J.
1977Immunity to modified seminal plasma antigens associated with subfertilityChen, C.; Simons, M.J.; Ratnam, S.S. 
1975Immunodeficiency to hepatitis B virus infection and genetic susceptibility to development of hepatocellular carcinomaSimons, M.J.; Yu, M.; Shanmugaratnam, K. 
1975Immunogenetic aspects of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) III. HL A type as a genetic marker of NPC predisposition to test the hypothesis that Epstein Barr virus is an etiological factor in NPCSimons, M.J.; Wee, G.B.; Chan, S.H. ; Shanmugaratnam, K. ; Day, N.E.; de-Thé, G.
1974Immunogenetic aspects of nasopharyngeal carcinoma. II. Analysis of ABO, rhesus and MNSs red cell systemsHawkins, B.R.; Simons, M.J.; Goh, E.H.; Chia, K.B.; Shanmugaratnam, K. 
1976Immunogenetic aspects of nasopharyngeal carcinoma. IV. Increased risk in Chinese of nasopharyngeal carcinoma associated with a Chinese related HLA profile (A2, Singapore 2)Simons, M.J.; Wee, G.B.; Goh, E.H.; Chan, S.H. ; Shanmugaratnam, K. ; Day, N.E.; de-Thé, G.
1974Immunogenetic aspects of nasopharyngeal carcinoma: I. Differences in HL A antigen profiles between patients and control groupsSimons, M.J.; Wee, G.B.; Day, N.E.; Morris, P.J.; Shanmugaratnam, K. ; De-Thé, G.B.
1977Immunogenetics of nasopharyngeal carcinomaChan, S.H. ; Simons, M.J.
1976Impaired general cell mediated immune functions in vivo and in vitro in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinomaChan, S.H. ; Chew, T.S.; Goh, E.H.; Simons, M.J.; Shanmugaratnam, K. 
1975Levamisole and lymphocyte responsivenessChan, S.H. ; Simons, M.J.
1976Levamisole augmentation of lymphocyte hyporesponsiveness to phytohaemagglutinin in patients with pulmonary tuberculosisChan, S.H. ; Lee, S.K.; Simons, M.J.
1978Nasopharyngeal carcinoma and histocompatibility antigensSimons, M.J.; Chan, S.H. ; Darmalingam, S.
Dec-1973The distribution of red cell enzyme and serum protein groups in a population of Dani (Pit River, West Irian)Kirk, R.L.; McDermid, E.M.; Blake, N.M.; Wight, R.L.; Yap, E.H. ; Simons, M.J.