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Jul-2008Contribution of intercepted subsurface flow to road runoff and sediment transport in a logging-disturbed tropical catchmentNegishi, J.N.; Sidle, R.C.; Ziegler, A.D. ; Noguchi, S.; Rahim, N.A.
15-Mar-2006Ecological roles of roadside fern (Dicranopteris curranii) on logging road recovery in Peninsular Malaysia: Preliminary resultsNegishi, J.N.; Sidle, R.C.; Noguchi, S.; Nik, A.R.; Stanforth, R. 
2010Elephant trail runoff and sediment dynamics in northern ThailandSidle, R.C.; Ziegler, A.D. 
15-Mar-2006Erosion processes in steep terrain - Truths, myths, and uncertainties related to forest management in Southeast AsiaSidle, R.C.; Ziegler, A.D. ; Negishi, J.N.; Nik, A.R.; Siew, R.; Turkelboom, F.
1-Oct-2003Erratum: Plastic corals from Singapore: 1 (Coral Reefs (2002) 21 (391-392))Todd, P.A.; Sidle, R.C.; Chou, L.M. 
15-Oct-2006Impacts of logging disturbance on hillslope saturated hydraulic conductivity in a tropical forest in Peninsular MalaysiaZiegler, A.D. ; Negishi, J.N.; Sidle, R.C.; Noguchi, S.; Nik, A.R.
2004Interactions of natural hazards and society in Austral-Asia: Evidence in past and recent recordsSidle, R.C.; Taylor, D.; Lu, X.X. ; Adger, W.N.; Lowe, D.J.; de, Lange W.P.; Newnham, R.M.; Dodson, J.R.
2002Plastic corals from Singapore: 1Todd, P.A.; Sidle, R.C.; Chou, L.M. 
2002Plastic corals from Singapore: 2Todd, P.A.; Sidle, R.C.; Chou, L.M. 
Jan-2006Reduction of stream sediment concentration by a riparian buffer: Filtering of road runoff in disturbed headwater basins of Montane Mainland Southeast AsiaZiegler, A.D. ; Negishi, J.; Sidle, R.C.; Preechapanya, P.; Sutherland, R.A.; Giambelluca, T.W.; Jaiaree, S.
15-Mar-2007Stormflow generation involving pipe flow in a zero-order basin of Peninsular MalaysiaNegishi, J.N.; Noguchi, S.; Sidle, R.C.; Ziegler, A.D. ; Nik, A.R.
Jul-2012The dilemma of mountain roadsSidle, R.C.; Ziegler, A.D. 
2012Towards better design and management of tsunami evacuation routes: A case study of Ao Jak Beach RoadZiegler, A.D. ; Sidle, R.C.; Song, M.S.; Ang, Z.J.; Duangnamon, D.
2014Turbidity-based sediment monitoring in northern Thailand: Hysteresis, variability, and uncertaintyZiegler, A.D. ; Benner, S.G.; Tantasirin, C.; Wood, S.H.; Sutherland, R.A.; Sidle, R.C.; Jachowski, N.; Nullet, M.A.; Lu, X.X. ; Snidvongs, A.; Giambelluca, T.W.; Fox, J.M.