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Sep-2005A new data rotation based CP synchronization scheme for OFDM systemsKo, C.C. ; Mo, R. ; Shi, M.
Sep-2008A new strategy to induce effective antitumour response in vitro and in vivoWang, M.; Xie, Z. ; Shi, M.; Lu, H.; Yu, M.; Hu, M.; Lu, F.; Ma, Y.; Shen, B.; Guo, N.
25-Jan-2012Asymmetric [3+2] annulation of allenes with maleimides catalyzed by dipeptide-derived phosphines: Facile creation of functionalized bicyclic cyclopentenes containing two tertiary stereogenic centersZhao, Q.; Han, X.; Wei, Y.; Shi, M.; Lu, Y. 
2008Construction and functional identification of a novel trivalent anti-ErbB2/anti-CD16 bispecific antibodyLu, H.; Wang, M.; Shi, M.; Hu, M.; Yu, M.; Shen, B.; Guo, N.; Ma, Y.; Xie, Z. 
Apr-2011Experimental demonstration of a unified framework for mixed-state geometric phasesZhu, J.; Shi, M.; Vedral, V. ; Peng, X.; Suter, D.; Du, J.
Apr-2003Experimental implementation of the quantum random-walk algorithmDu, J. ; Li, H.; Xu, X.; Shi, M.; Wu, J.; Zhou, X.; Han, R.
2008In vitro and in vivo antitumor effect of a trivalent bispecific antibody targeting ErbB2 and CD16Lu, H.; Shi, M.; Wang, M.; Hu, M.; Yu, M.; Shen, B.; Guo, N.; Ma, Y.; Xie, Z. 
5-Sep-2003Observation of Geometric Phases for Mixed States using NMR InterferometryDu, J. ; Zou, P.; Shi, M.; Kwek, L.C.; Pan, J.-W.; Oh, C.H. ; Ekert, A. ; Oi, D.K.L.; Ericsson, M.
2006Price competition with reduced consumer switching costs: The case of "wireless number portability" in the cellular phone industryShi, M.; Chiang, J. ; Rhee, B.-D.
2011Revisit mixed state geometric phaseShi, M.; Chen, X.; Du, J.