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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20103D TSV transformer design for DC-DC/AC-DC converterZhang, B.; Xiong, Y.-Z.; Wang, L.; Hu, S.; Shi, J.; Zhuang, Y.-Q.; Li, L.-W. ; Yuan, X.
200740 GHz compact TFMS meander-line bandpass filter on silicon substrateSun, S.; Shi, J.; Zhu, L.; Rustagi, S.C.; Kang, K.; Mouthaan, K. 
May-2009A "thru-short" method for noise de-embedding of mosfetsNan, L.; Xiong, Y.-Z.; Mouthaan, K. ; Issaoun, A.; Shi, J.; Ooi, B.-L. 
Aug-2009A novel iterative learning control for product quality control in batch processJia, L.; Shi, J.; Chiu, M. 
2006A random linear network coding approach to multicastHo, T.; Médard, M.; Koetter, R.; Karger, D.R.; Effros, M.; Shi, J.; Leong, B. 
Apr-2008A wideband scalable and SPICE-compatible model for on-chip interconnects up to 110 GHzKang, K.; Nan, L.; Rustagi, S.C.; Mouthaan, K. ; Shi, J.; Kumar, R.; Yin, W.-Y.; Li, L.-W. 
2007A wideband scalable and SPICE-compatible model for on-chip interconnects up to 80 GHzKang, K.; Nan, L.; Rustagi, S.C.; Mouthaan, K. ; Shi, J.; Kumar, R.; Li, L.-W. 
8-Aug-2011Affibody-attached hyperbranched conjugated polyelectrolyte for targeted fluorescence imaging of HER2-positive cancer cellPu, K.-Y. ; Shi, J.; Cai, L. ; Li, K.; Liu, B. 
Jan-2010An iterative learning control algorithm with convergence analysis for batch processesJia, L.; Shi, J.; Chiu, M. 
Jul-2007Analysis of frequency- and temperature-dependent substrate eddy currents in on-chip spiral inductors using the complex image methodKang, K.; Shi, J.; Yin, W.-Y.; Li, L.-W.; Zouhdi, S.; Rustagi, S.C.; Mouthaan, K. 
2010Batch-to-batch iterative optimal control of batch processes based on dynamic quadratic criterionJia, L.; Shi, J.; Cheng, D.; Cao, L.; Chiu, M.-S. 
Nov-2008CMOS bandpass filters for 77 GHz automotive radar systemsNan, L.; Mouthaan, K. ; Xiong, Y.-Z.; Shi, J.; Rustagi, S.C.; Brinkhoff, J.; Ooi, B.-L. 
Jun-2013Common genetic determinants of breast-cancer risk in east asian women: A collaborative study of 23 637 breast cancer cases and 25 579 controlsZheng, W.; Zhang, B.; Cai, Q.; Sung, H.; Michailidou, K.; Shi, J.; Choi, J.-Y.; Long, J.; Dennis, J.; Humphreys, M.K.; Wang, Q.; Lu, W.; Gao, Y.-T.; Li, C.; Cai, H.; Park, S.K.; Yoo, K.-Y.; Noh, D.-Y.; Han, W.; Dunning, A.M.; Benitez, J.; Vincent, D.; Bacot, F.; Tessier, D.; Kim, S.-W.; Lee, M.H; Lee, J.W; Lee, J.-Y.; Xiang, Y.-B.; Zheng, Y.; Wang, W.; Ji, B.-T.; Matsuo, K.; Ito, H.; Iwata, H.; Tanaka, H.; Wu, A.H.; Tseng, C.-C.; Van Den Berg, D.; Stram, D.O.; Teo, S.H; Yip, C.H; Kang, I.N; Wong, T.Y. ; Shen, C.-Y.; Yu, J.-C.; Huang, C.-S.; Hou, M.-F.; Hartman, M. ; Miao, H. ; Lee, S.C ; Putti, T.C; Muir, K.; Lophatananon, A.; Stewart-Brown, S.; Siriwanarangsan, P.; Sangrajrang, S.; Shen, H.; Chen, K.; Wu, P.-E.; Ren, Z.; Haiman, C.A.; Sueta, A.; Kim, M.K; Khoo, U.S; Iwasaki, M.; Pharoah, P.D.P.; Wen, W.; Hall, P.; Shu, X.-O.; Easton, D.F.; Kang, D.
2013Compact substrate integrated waveguide slot antenna array with low back lobeWei, J.; Chen, Z.N. ; Qing, X.; Shi, J.; Xu, J.
2006Controlled surface-plasmon coupling in SiO 2 -coated gold nanochains for tunable nonlinear optical propertiesYang, Y.; Nogami, M.; Shi, J.; Chen, H.; Ma, G. ; Tang, S. 
1-May-2008Critical role of Bid and Bax in indirubin-3′-monoxime-induced apoptosis in human cancer cellsShi, J.; Shen, H.-M. 
2008Design of 60- and 77-GHz narrow-bandpass filters in CMOS technologyNan, L.; Mouthaan, K. ; Xiong, Y.-Z.; Shi, J.; Rustagi, S.C.; Ooi, B.-L. 
2004Dissection study on the severe acute respiratory syndrome 3C-like protease reveals the critical role of the extra domain in dimerization of the enzyme. Defining the extra domain as a new target for design of highly specific protease inhibitorsSong, J. ; Shi, J.; Wei, Z.
2013Double-barrel vascularised fibula graft in mandibular reconstruction: A 10-year experience with an algorithmShen, Y.; Guo, X.-H.; Sun, J.; Li, J.; Shi, J.; Huang, W.; Ow, A. 
Sep-1999E-plane symmetrical five-port waveguide junction with oversized central cavityQiao, L.; Shi, J.; Yeo, S.P.