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3-May-2013A Highly Sensitive and Selective Electrochemical Biosensor for Direct Detection of MicroRNAs in SerumRen, Yuqian; Deng, Huimin; Shen, Wei; Gao, Zhiqiang 
5-Feb-2013A Label-Free Biosensor for Electrochemical Detection of Femtomolar MicroRNAsGao, Zhiqiang ; Deng, Huimin; Shen, Wei; Ren, Yuqian
15-Jun-2013A label-free microRNA biosensor based on DNAzyme-catalyzed and microRNA-guided formation of a thin insulating polymer filmShen, Wei; Deng, Huimin; Ren, Yuqian; Gao, Zhiqiang 
28-May-2013A real-time colorimetric assay for label-free detection of microRNAs down to sub-femtomolar levelsShen, Wei; Deng, Huimin; Ren, Yuqian; Gao, Zhiqiang 
2015A simple and highly sensitive fluorescence assay for microRNAsShen, Wei; Yeo, Kiathuei; Gao, Zhiqiang 
15-Mar-2013An electrodeposited redox polymer–laccase composite film for highly efficient four-electron oxygen reductionShen, Wei; Deng, Huimin; Teo, Kay Liang Alan; Gao, Zhiqiang 
15-May-2013An electronic sensor array for label-free detection of single-nucleotide polymorphismsShen, Wei; Deng, Huimin; Ren, Yuqian; Gao, Zhiqiang 
22-Jul-2013An Interference-Free Glucose Biosensor Based on an Anionic Redox Polymer-Mediated Enzymatic Oxidation of GlucoseDeng, Huimin; Shen, Wei; Gao, Zhiqiang 
Oct-2013Applications of metal-organic frameworks as stationary phases in chromatographyYu, Yuebo; Ren, Yuqian; Shen, Wei; Deng, Huimin; Gao, Zhiqiang 
2015Colorimetric detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the presence of 103-fold excess of a wild-type geneDeng, Huimin; Shen, Wei; Gao, Zhiqiang 
2013Detection of single-nucleotide polymorphisms based on the formation of an electron-transfer impeding layer on an electrode surfaceGao, Zhiqiang ; Shen, Wei; Deng, Huimin; Ren, Yuqian
12-Sep-2012Gold Nanoparticle-Enabled Real-Time Ligation Chain Reaction for Ultrasensitive Detection of DNAShen, Wei; Deng, Huimin; Gao, Zhiqiang 
13-Jan-2016Light-Up Probes Based on Fluorogens with Aggregation-Induced Emission Characteristics for Monoamine Oxidase-A Activity Study in Solution and in Living CellsShen, Wei; Yu, Jiajun; Ge, Jingyan; Zhang, Ruoyu; Cheng, Feng; Li, Xuefeng; Fan, Yong; Yu, Shian; Liu, Bin ; Zhu, Qing
2015Quantum dots and duplex-specific nuclease enabled ultrasensitive detection and serotyping of Dengue viruses in one step in a single tubeShen, Wei; Gao, Zhiqiang 
May-2013Synthesis and Anticancer Properties of a Novel Bis-intercalatorShen, Wei; Deng, Huimin; Gao, Zhiqiang