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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Feb-2010A continuous and highly effective static mixing process for antisolvent precipitation of nanoparticles of poorly water-soluble drugsDong, Y.; Ng, W.K.; Hu, J.; Shen, S.; Tan, R.B.H. 
Feb-2011A robust high-throughput sandwich cell-based drug screening platformZhang, S.; Tong, W.; Zheng, B.; Susanto, T.A.K.; Xia, L.; Zhang, C.; Ananthanarayanan, A.; Tuo, X. ; Sakban, R.B.; Jia, R.; Iliescu, C.; Chai, K.-H. ; McMillian, M.; Shen, S.; Leo, H. ; Yu, H. 
Aug-2010An antibody against a novel and conserved epitope in the hemagglutinin 1 subunit neutralizes numerous H5N1 influenza virusesOh, H.-L.J.; Åkerström, S.; Shen, S.; Bereczky, S.; Karlberg, H.; Klingström, J.; Lal, S.K.; Mirazimi, A.; Tan, Y.-J. 
Jun-2008Analysis of the influence of relative humidity on the moisture sorption of particles and the aerosolization process in a dry powder inhalerZhu, K.; Tan, R.B.H. ; Kiong Ng, W.; Shen, S.; Zhou, Q.; Heng, P.W.S. 
Mar-2011Applications of mesoporous materialsChia, L.; Shen, S.; Ng, W.K.; Tan, R.B.H. 
2001Characterization of temperature-sensitive (ts) mutants of coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus (IBV)Shen, S.; Ding, X.L. 
2001Comparison of the 5′ leader sequences of North American isolates of reference and field strains of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV)Tan, C. ; Shen, S.; Liu, D.X.; Kwang, J. ; Chang, L.
2012Contact mechanics of traveling wave ultrasonic motorsShen, S.; Lee, H.P. ; Lim, S.P. ; Ong, C.J. 
14-Feb-2011Continuous and scalable process for water-redispersible nanoformulation of poorly aqueous soluble APIs by antisolvent precipitation and spray-dryingHu, J.; Ng, W.K.; Dong, Y.; Shen, S.; Tan, R.B.H. 
30-May-2011Controlled antisolvent precipitation of spironolactone nanoparticles by impingement mixingDong, Y.; Ng, W.K.; Shen, S.; Kim, S.; Tan, R.B.H. 
4-Nov-2011Crystallographic realization of the mathematically predicted densest all-pentagon packing lattice by C5-symmetric "sticky" fluoropentamersRen, C.; Zhou, F.; Qin, B.; Ye, R.; Shen, S.; Su, H.; Zeng, H. 
Nov-2008Design of a device for simultaneous particle size and electrostatic charge measurement of inhalation drugsZhu, K.; Ng, W.K.; Shen, S.; Tan, R.B.H. ; Heng, P.W.S. 
2000Determination of the complete nucleotide sequence of a vaccine strain of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus and identification of the Nsp2 gene with a unique insertionShen, S.; Kwang, J.; Liu, W.; Liu, D.X. 
20-Jun-2003Emergence of a coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus mutant with a truncated 3b gene: Functional characterization of the 3b protein in pathogenesis and replicationShen, S.; Wen, Z.L. ; Liu, D.X.
2-Dec-2011Folding-promoted TBACl-mediated chemo- and regioselective demethylations of methoxybenzene-based macrocyclic pentamersQin, B.; Jiang, L.; Shen, S.; Sun, C.; Yuan, W.; Li, S.F.Y. ; Zeng, H. 
Mar-2008Formulation of Fe3O4/acrylate co-polymer nanocomposites as potential drug carriersPhanapavudhikul, P.; Shen, S.; Ng, W.K.; Tan, R.B.H. 
30-Sep-2001Further identification and characterization of novel intermediate and mature cleavage products released from the ORF 1b region of the avian coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus 1a/1b polyproteinXu, H.Y.; Lim, K.P.; Shen, S.; Liu, D.X. 
2010Joint nonlinear parameters and OSNR monitoring for DSP-based coherent systemsShen, S.; Lau, A.P.T.; Yu, C. 
Jan-2008Medial pretarsal adipose tissue in the asian upper eyelidShen, S.; Kanagasuntheram, R. ; Fong, K.S.; Choo, C.-T.
2009Mesoporous silica particles for formulation of poorly water soluble ingredientsChia, L.; Shen, S.; Ng, W.K.; Tan, R.B.H.