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Jan-2014Age and the effectiveness of anti-hypertensive therapy on improvement in diastolic functionCheng, S.; Lam, C. ; Shah, A.; Claggett, B.; Desai, A.; Hilkert, R.J.; Izzo, J.; Oparil, S.; Pitt, B.; Solomon, S.D.
19-Feb-2010Application description and policy model in collaborative environment for sharing of information on epidemiological and clinical research data setsDe Carvalho, E.C.A.; Batilana, A.P.; Simkins, J.; Martins, H.; Shah, J. ; Rajgor, D.; Shah, A.; Rockart, S.; Pietrobon, R. 
Feb-2012Cholecystectomy concomitant with laparoscopic gastric bypass: A trend analysis of the nationwide inpatient sample from 2001 to 2008Worni, M.; Guller, U.; Shah, A.; Gandhi, M.; Shah, J.; Rajgor, D.; Pietrobon, R.; Jacobs, D.O.; Stbye, T. 
2012Global research coaching in orthopedic surgery: Seeding for an international networkFerreira, A.P.B.; Rajgor, D.; Shah, J. ; Shah, A.; Pietrobon, R.
Jul-2012Laparoscopic appendectomy outcomes on the weekend and during the week are no different: A national study of 151,774 patientsWorni, M.; Østbye, T. ; Gandhi, M.; Rajgor, D.; Shah, J.; Shah, A.; Pietrobon, R.; Jacobs, D.O.; Guller, U.
Jul-2011Multicenter study of comparative outcomes of hematopoietic stem cell transplant for peripheral T cell lymphoma and natural killer/T-cell lymphomaHwang, W.Y.K. ; Piu Koh, L.; Lim, S.-T.; Ching Linn, Y.; Loh, Y.S.; Koh, M.B.C.; Phipps Diong, C.; Jing Lee, J.; Hui Zhang, X.; Rajgor, D. ; Gandhi, M.; Shah, A.; Goh, Y.T. 
Apr-2009Scientific writing of novice researchers: What difficulties and encouragements do they encounter?Shah, J. ; Shah, A.; Pietrobon, R.