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1999Applications of new technology in molecular epidemiology and their relevance to occupational medicineKoh, D.; Seow, A.; Ong, C.N. 
2008Attitudes towards the doctor-patient relationship: A prospective study in an Asian medical schoolLee, K.H. ; Seow, A.; Koh, D.; Luo, N. 
1997Compliant with cake regimes amomg contact lens wearers in a class of mfdical studentsLim, C.W.; Lee, Y.C.; Seow, A.; O'Brien, L.; Domenick, M.; Chew, S.J. ; Cheng, H.M.
2004Do younger female breast cancer patients have a poorer prognosis? Results from a population-based survival analysisChia, K.S. ; Du, W.B.; Wang, H.; Lee, J.; Seow, A.; Lee, H.P. ; Chia, K.S. ; Lee, H.P. ; Sankaranarayanan, R.; Sankila, R.; Chia, K.S. 
15-Mar-2012Female reproductive factors, gene polymorphisms in the estrogen metabolism pathway, and risk of lung cancer in Chinese women.Lim, W.Y. ; Chen, Y.; Chuah, K.L.; Eng, P.; Leong, S.S.; Lim, E.; Lim, T.K.; Ng, A.; Poh, W.T.; Tee, A.; Teh, M.; Salim, A.; Seow, A.
2002Food groups and the risk of colorectal carcinoma in an Asian populationSeow, A.; Nyam, D.; Quah, S.R. ; Straughan, P.T.; Chua, T.; Aw, T.-C.
2015Genetic variants associated with longer telomere length are associated with increased lung cancer risk among never-smoking women in Asia: A report from the female lung cancer consortium in AsiaMachiela, M.J.; Hsiung, C.A.; Shu, X.-O.; Seow, W.J.; Wang, Z.; Matsuo, K.; Hong, Y.-C.; Seow, A.; Wu, C.; Hosgood, H.D.; Chen, K.; Wang, J.-C.; Wen, W.; Cawthon, R.; Chatterjee, N.; Hu, W.; Caporaso, N.E.; Park, J.Y.; Chen, C.-J.; Kim, Y.H.; Kim, Y.T.; Landi,M.T.; Shen, H.; Lawrence C.; Burdett, L.; Yeager, M.; Chang, I.-S.; Mitsudomi, T.; Kim, H.N.; Chang, G.-C.; Bassig, B.A.; Tucker, M.; Wei, F.; Yin, Z.; An, S.-J.; Qian, B.; Lee, V.H.F.; Lu, D.; Liu, J.; Jeon, H.-S.; Hsiao, C.-F.; Sung, J.S.; Kim, J.H.; Gao, Y.-T.; Tsai, Y.-H.; Jung, Y.J.; Guo, H.; Hu, Z.; Hutchinson, A.; Wang, W.-C.; Klein, R.J.; Chung, C.C.; Oh, I.-J.; Chen, K.-Y.; Berndt S.I.; Wu, W.; Chang, J.; Zhang, X.-C.; Huang, M.-S.; Zheng, H.; Wang, J.; Zhao, X.; Li, Y.; Choi, J.E.; Su, W.-C.; Park, K.H.; Sung, S.W.; Chen, Y.-M.; Liu, L.; Kang, C.H.; Hu, L.; Chen, C.-H.; Pao, W.; Kim Y.-C.; Yang, T.-Y.; Xu, J.,; Guan P.; Tan, W.; Su, J.; Wang, C.-L.; Li, H.; Sihoe, A.D.L.; Zhao, Z.; Chen, Y. ; Choi, Y.Y.; Hung, J.-Y.; Kim, J.S.; Yoon, H.-I.; Cai, Q.; Lin, C.-C.; Park, I.K.; Xu, P.; Dong, J.; Kim, C.; He, Q.; Perng, R.-P.; Kohno, T.; Kweon, S.-S.; Chen, C.-Y.; Vermeulen, R.C.H.; Wu, J.; Lim W.-Y. ; Chow, W.-H.; Ji, B.-T.; Chan, J.K.C.; Chu, M.; Li, Y.-J.; Yokota, J.; Li, J.; Chen, H.; Xiang, Y.-B.; Yu, C.-J.; Kunitoh, H.; Wu, G.; Jin, L.; Lo, Y.-L.; Shiraishi,K.; Chen, Y.-H.; Lin, H.-C.; Wu, T.; Wong, M.P.; Wu, Y.-L.; Yang, P.-C.; Zhou, B.; Shin, M.-H.; Fraumeni, J.F.; Zheng, W.; Lin, D.; Chanock, S.J.; Rothman, N.; Lan Q.
2008Graduate public health education - Singapore's contribution to strengthening capacity in the region and beyondLim, M.-K.; Seow, A.; Wilder-Smith, A. ; Lee, H.P. 
Apr-2002Improving adherence to regular Pap smear screening among Asian women: A population-based study in SingaporeLee, J. ; Seow, A.; Ling, S.-L.; Peng, L.H.
1999NAT2 slow acetylator genotype is associated with increased risk of lung cancer among non-smoking Chinese women in SingaporeZhao, B. ; Lee, E.J.D. ; Teh, M.; Tan, W.-C. ; Poh, W.-T.; Eng, P.; Wang, Y.-T.; Seow, A.; Lee, H.-P.
1998Prevalence of gastrointestinal symptoms in a multiracial asian population, with particular reference to reflux-type symptomsHo, K.Y. ; Kang, J.Y.; Seow, A.
2003Survival among Chinese women with lung cancer in Singapore: A comparison by stage, histology and smoking statusTan, Y.K.; Wee, T.C.; Koh, W.P. ; Seow, A.; Wang, Y.T.; Eng, P.; Tan, W.C. 
2004Trends in Cancer Incidence among Singapore Malays: A Low-risk PopulationWang, H.; Seow, A.; Lee, H.P.