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Mar-2003Applications of micro-Raman spectroscopy in salicide characterization for Si device fabricationZhao, F.F.; Chen, S.Y.; Shen, Z.X. ; Gao, X.S. ; Zheng, J.Z.; See, A.K.; Chan, L.H.
May-2001Correspondence: Effects of deliberate copper contamination from the plating solution on the electrical characteristics of MOSFETsTee, K.C.; Prasad, K.; Lee, C.S.; Gong, H. ; Cha, C.L.; Chan, L.; See, A.K.
1999Effect of Cu contamination on electrical characteristics for PMOS transistorsTee, K.C.; Prasad, K.; Lee, C.S.; Gong, H. ; Chan, L.; See, A.K.
2001Enhancement Effect of C40 TiSi2 on the C54 Phase FormationChen, S.Y.; Shen, Z.X. ; See, A.K.; Chan, L.H.
Nov-2002Excimer laser-induced Ti silicidation to eliminate the fine-line effect for integrated circuit device fabricationChen, S.Y.; Shen, Z.X. ; Xu, S.Y. ; Ong, C.K. ; See, A.K.; Chan, L.H.
20-Sep-1999Laser-induced direct formation of C54 TiSi2 films with fine grains on c-Si substratesChen, S.Y.; Shen, Z.X. ; Chen, Z.D.; Chan, L.H.; See, A.K.
1999Laser-induced formation of titanium silicidesChen, S.Y.; Shen, Z.X. ; Chen, Z.D.; See, A.K.; Chan, L.H.; Zhang, T.J.; Tee, K.C.
Jul-2000Photoresist patterning and ion implantation degradation effects on flash memory device yieldCha, C.L.; Ngo, Q.; Chor, E.F. ; See, A.K.; Lee, T.J.
1-Apr-2002Structural study of refractory-metal-free C40 TiSi2 and its transformation to C54 TiSi2Yu, T. ; Tan, S.C. ; Shen, Z.X. ; Chen, L.W.; Lin, J.Y. ; See, A.K.
25-Dec-2000Synthesis and characterization of pure C40 TiSi2Chen, S.Y.; Shen, Z.X. ; Li, K.; See, A.K.; Chan, L.H.
2002Thickness effect on nickel silicide formation and thermal stability for ultra shallow junction CMOSZhao, F.F.; Shen, Z.X. ; Zheng, J.Z.; Gao, W.Z.; Osipowicz, T. ; Pang, C.H.; Lee, P.S.; See, A.K.